All About Tamper Evident Labeling Machine

The European government has laid down new standards for all the pharmaceutical companies to put tamper evident seals on their products. It is mandatory to imply tamper evident feature for all the finished products packaged in the mono cartons. The tamper evident seals are used to detect tampering of containers and access points. These seals self-destruct themselves when tampered, in order to demonstrate that the seal is broken. This feature makes sure that the consumers get an idea of whether the products that they are acquiring is untampered and free from adulterations.

Bhagwati Pharma offers tamper evident labeling machines of different variants that are compliant with European & USA standard. The machines are built using high grade raw materials, thus providing an assurance of durability. They are highly automated equipment and provide a high output rate.

Some of the types of tamper evident labelling machine are:
  • One Side Security Seal Labeling Machine: One side security seal labeling machine is used for placing labels on the packaged products from a single side. The seals are an indicator of the fact, whether the product has been tampered or not. At all times, this seal must not be broken. The broken seal implies that the item has been opened or handled before and there might be chances of adulteration. The machine has a highly robust structure and consists of high-speed, imported and synchronized stepper motor and a servo motor for the labelling heads as well as an A.C. brushless motor for all the other drives. It also comprises of aligned sponge belt, squaring chain, and nylon screw worm to align the products precisely without changing the parts.

security seal labeling machine

  • Two Side Security Seal Labeling Machine with Camera Systems: A two side security seal labeling machine is a highly automated and efficient machine that applies seal on 2 sides of the product carton. The products are placed on the conveyor that transfers it to the rolls that are available on both the sides of the station. The labels are thus applied and hence the carton is sealed. It is an important piece of equipment as it helps to protect the integrity of the product. The speed of the machine can be up to 300 cartons per minute. The machine boasts of intelligent technology and is designed to apply small sized labels for security label application.
  • Three Side Top, Front & Back Security Seal Labeling Machine: The three side security labeling machine is used for sealing the cartons from the 3 sides- Top, Front, & Back. It has a servo base or microprocessor controlled system to dispense the labels on the product carton. This highly automated machine has good workability and hence saves some valuable time and overall expenses for security label application. The three side security labelling machine is built with high grade materials and is fitted with all the modern technological amenities. The output rate of the machine is very high and the ease of operation makes the entire operation an efficient one.

The Bottom Line: Bhagwati Pharma offers various types of tamper evident labeling machines as per the requirement of the industries. As per the government regulations, it is mandatory for all the companies in Europe to put tamper evident seals in all the pharma products. We, at Bhagwati Pharma, aim to help these companies with their labeling procedure by providing one/two/three side security seal labeling machines. These machines are built at state of the art manufacturing facilities and provide assurance of excellent workability.