Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies – All Inclusive Range of Labellers

Defining Labelling Machines

Labelling Machines provide identification with descriptions of the product. Its objective is to provide uniqueness to the product. It a printed slip that is attached to the product and contains all information regarding the product, price, ingredients used, the quantity of the product, and manufacture date. Labelling is basically of three types –Brand Label, Grade Label, and Descriptive Labels. Labelling machines are used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, cosmetics, and more. Effective labeling machinery can handle various shapes of containers as well as different types of surfaces.

Our All-Inclusive Range

Our range at Shree Bhagwati labeling includes the bottle sticker labelling machines, front and back labelling machines, top labelling machines as well as sealing machines. The machines have been made very user-friendly using programmable control logics which makes the system a very high-performance one. A faster switch over time is also essential to reduce time while one type of labelling needs to be switched to the other. They are used to apply labels to ampoules, vials, bottles, carton boxes, pump bottles, and cap packages.

We have the Vial Labelling Machine built with advanced microprocessors and sensors which make them feasible for delicate vials and small-sized bottles. There are high-speed sticker labelling machines for vials which make it very convenient for large-scale productions. These fully automated versions are well capable of handling operations with minimal downtime. The Rotary Labelling Machines are used for a full or partial wrap on bottles. The latest round bottle sticker has a label length detection system which helps in automatic retrieval while the Self Adhesive Bottle Stickers use the latest label dispenser applicators with the Stepper or Servo Driven System and the unique systems do not require any change of settings. There are three roller labeler machines and pressure-sensitive labelers which suit all adaptable needs. If the requirement is a simple one, single side sticker labelling machines come into use. Where the requirement is for labels to be printed both on both sides of the bottle, Double side (Front and Back) labelling machines are most useful.

The Shrink sleeve applicators are designed with German technologies use the latest shrink method and are very flexible and quick. The Top labelling machine range has the top, front, back, and side three head applicators for bottles. These multi-functional ranges are well synchronized and operate at a faster pace. We offer the Ampoule Sticker labelling machine which has the capacity of delivering a labelling accuracy of even less than 1mm. The servo motors embedded in it are sourced from leading suppliers. Such quality input gives a robust and strong working mechanism to our machine.

Automatic induction cap machine plays a key role where a hermetic seal to prevent leaks and preserving the freshness for long-distance transportation and increased shelf life. Along with the labelling machinery, the company also manufactures different self-adhesive labels. They include semi-gloss surface, polyethylene, matt white, and thermal labels. There are exclusive freezer labels are made for low-temperature environments to withstand moisture. This lets the sticker stay on longer without any peeling. Thermal transfer printers are also available and are used in industrial printers where bar code labelling is done.

Take Away-

With the increase in production globally and the innovations in marketing, the need for a constant upgrade in labeling machinery has become pivotal. We also have convenient options for square water bottle labelling and automatic single-sided machinery for batteries. State of the Art engineering has enabled Shree Bhagwati labelling to produce sticker labelling machines with revolutionary benefits. Labelling machines are indispensable for efficiency as well as faster packaging processes in the industry.