All You Need To Know About Shrink Wrap Machines

What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?

A Shrink Wrap Machine is machinery that shrinks any material to be wrapped or to call it in simple terms – a shrink wrapper. It is included in a plethora of industries most dominant being the food and beverages industry. However, all segments including pharmaceuticals have majorly started using the Shrink Wrap machines extensively. Shrink Wrap is done with the help of a Shrink film and shrink machine which albeit looks thin but is ultra-strong as it comprises of a few layers and bonded strongly. The purpose of this packaging can be varied like giving a compact packing which helps to brand easier and catchy so that it’s picked off the shelf easily. Shrink Wrap Machine wraps an item in a free sleeve or a loose polyolefin shrink film and heat is used to shrink the film tightly around. Shrink packing machines are very handy when a bulk of goods needs to be shrink-wrapped.

Shrink Wrap Machine

Why do industries need a Shrink Wrap Labeler?

Living in a globalized economy, everything is transported here and there and when things have to travel a long way, it has to be ensured that water, rough handling, or air does not destroy the actual nature of the product. A barrier would be the right word to call it a security guard. Shelf life can thus be extended of products leading to a more profitable business. Any uncertainty of bump and scratches can just be eliminated and a gift shrink wrap can just send love to your near and dear ones. A low-cost solution and an economy-friendly way of procuring business cannot beat any packaging model. The storage requirements are reduced as goods can be dispatched as per the demand and supply curve. To sum up in a nutshell why industries need a shrink wrap machine is:

  • Low-cost enabler
  • Profit doubler
  • Effective in Inventory management
  • Reduces loss and wastages in the business model
  • Low power consumption

Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap Machine

One benefit that just can’t be missed out is the sustainability it gives to products. Minimum labour with maximum output. The input of the Shrink wrapper is most commonly available and a very affordable option because the wrap material can shrink up to 50% of its size or more. Depending on the type of business, one may opt for a manual shrink wrap machine, A semi-automatic shrink wrap machine, or a fully automatic shrink wrap machine. The price variants/ Shrink wrap machine price depends on the type opted for and which Industry demands which type of machinery. High-speed version machine are also available and packs per minute define the volume the shrink packaging machine can give.

Industries that use Shrink Wrap Machine

Ever thought of packaged water available in a small refreshment shop? Well, it uses the same technology. Packaged water bottles and other PET bottles make adequate use of the automatic shrink wrap machinery. Shrink wrapping machine for bottles play a major role in the market. A shrink wrap machine manufacturer customizes manifold and presents it to the consumer.Scaffold wrap containment of bridges and building and disaster contingency and relief projects such as damaged buildings and roofs also entail its uses. The shrink wrap manufacturer customizes its product depending on the client’s requirement. Food Industry benefits from it like you can store your favourite Pizza or French fries. Cosmetic companies could avail this to pack cold-pressed soaps. Tamper evident shrink wrap is nowadays being used for transporting physical money shipped by an armed transport or even where portable disks or DVDs carrying information needs to reach unscathed. Given all the uses and thinking beyond for which mankind is known, the shrink wrap packaging machine in due course of time is a gadget or device which industries might see a rare possibility of avoiding.