Automatic Labeling Machine – Self-Adhesive/Pressure-Sensitive Labelers, Shrink Sleeve Labelers

The Automatic Labeling machine allows placing a label on different types of products like containers, bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, and pet jars. These products are of different shapes and sizes and the application of automated labelling machinery makes it easier, faster, and economical for the manufacturer.

Advantages of the Automatic Labeling Machine

These automatic labelers can save cost by reducing the amount of investment in labour. Minimal downtime is guaranteed and the process gets user-friendly. Besides the waste percentage gets much lesser as these automated systems guarantee accuracy and precision.

Types of Automatic Labellers

Most Novel Manufacturers of Automatic Labelling Machinery meet the common industrial requirements like the ones of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, and Personal Care while some are designed to meet the client’s specifications.

A few types which are the best sellers for manufacturers and suppliers of automatic labelling machines are-

Bottle Labeller Machine

The bottle labeler machine is used to label bottles of various shapes like oval, rectangular, square, and round ones. Moreover, they can label bottles of various materials like glass, plastic, PET, HDPE, and PP. Its main features include a single point synchronized speed control system which incorporates the present system for detecting the length of labels. Manual feeding and storage of information of labels are not required each time for changing the size of the labels during a new line of labeling.

wrap round bottle labeller machine

Self- Adhesive Labellers

The modern self-adhesive labels have a superb print surface and have a good adhesive quality that is easy to peel. Pressure is required to activate the adhesive which starts the bonding process to surface the label. The automatic high-speed self-adhesive machine can be used for radial, partial, or overlap labelling on vials bottles or round containers.

They are equipped with a container separate system to synchronize the container speed with the label length. It gives good labelling accuracy and can handle the different sizes of vials, bottles, or other round containers without any change of parts. The advanced microprocessor in it is well provisioned to keep the machine working efficiently for a label sensing function as well as for label dispensing. This pressure-sensitive labeller is also an efficient and cost-effective one. It can be applied to most types of containers at unmatchable speeds. The labels are of a face stock material that is coated on one side with self-adhesive. It can be of paper, plastic, foil, polyester, vinyl, or laminate and are of varied thickness and weight.

Automated Machine for Single Side Labeling Requirement

A single side flat label sticker machine is suitable for labeling one side of a flat product. They can be well applied for partial labelling requirements and can avoid manual assistance as they function in a manner where label size and dimension are fed into the machine memory before the labelling starts.

Carton L Shape Security Seal Single/ Double side Sticker labelling machine, Tamper Evident labels Labelling Machine

Shrink Sleeve Labellers

Automatic shrink sleeve applicators can handle both tamper-evident bands and full body sleeve labels. They can be designed to handle a wide variety of container sizes and speed ranges. The sleeves are then held in place by shrinking them using hot air or steam from a heat tunnel. The speed range of the shrink sleeve applicator can range up to 300 bottles per minute and this labeler can handle glass as well as plastic containers. The advantage of the shrink sleeve labeler is that it eliminates any wastage and the presence of an electro-pneumatic system in it allows for adjustment of different containers (taking the help of a height adjuster) with minimal time in the changeover process.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

Multipack is First Manufacturing Company in India IN-HOUSE Sleeve Applicator, Tunnel and Attachment of Shrink Sleeve Applicator Line from Since 2002

We offer PVC Heat Shrink Labeling machine with heating tunnel systems electrical and steam both as per customer bottle, shape, speed etcch as PVC Heat Shrinkable Label applicator with shrinking tunnel, hot air electrical tunnel with conveyor for filled and Empty Bottle, Jar, vial with PVC Shrink Label, Sleeve Packaging line, Printed Shrink Sleeves label applicator line, Promotional Pack Shrink Sleeves labeler machine, Printed Sleeve Label applicator machine and many more items.

Liquor bottle Shrink sleeve applicator line demand for new concept for high speed shrink sleeve line with steam tunnel and conveyor systems with speed 50 to 300 bottle per minutes

Fruit juice and Drinking product shrink sleeve applicator demand for high speed application for 200 ml to 2000 ml ( 2 Liter ) for round, odd shapes, squire shape and oval shape of bottles with Shrink wrap machine and finally carton box or loose with shrink wrap.




We offer  customized Shrink Sleeve Applicator , Tunnel, Conveyor , rotating systems , gripper with batch coding  line for Plastic , HDPE , Glass container with suitable micron shrink sleeve , Servo base sleeve inserting machine and cutter systems , Special important sleeve dropper gear motor, product sensor , sleeve temping unit , feed screw systems etc many ..

Sleeve applicator line is customized project each customer , bottle, jar , sleeve suitable MOC and micron and customized shrinking systems to get high version quality shrinking with beautiful look on container with shining  or Shine shrinkage sleeve bottle and Jar.

We offer below Shrink sleeve applicator line project 

  • PVC Shrinkable Label applicator and labeling machine suitable for bottle and Jar
  • PVC Shrink Labels labeling machine for any size of bottle, shape, speed, etc
  • Sleeve Packaging machine
  • Printed Shrink Sleeve applicator
  • Promotional Pack Shrink Sleeves applicator
  • Wrap Around Labels Shrink Sleeve applicator & labeling line.
  • Full Body Shrink Sleeve application machines
  • Half Body / Band Sleeve shrinking machine
  • Full Body Tamper Evident Sleeve applicator
  • Cap Sleeves shrink sleeve line machine
  • Combi Sleeves shrink sleeve machine

Multipack is specially designed sleeve applicator & line for  Pharma Industries for Oral Dose production sleeve labeling machine   RANBAXY , CADILA, INTAS, HIMALAYA , MANKIND ,DABUR , PATANJALI etc many more for high speed application 250 bottle per minute line suitable for 60 ml to 300 ml and 500 ml round and flat bottle, squire bottle .