Carton Labeling Machine, Box Labelling Machine

For a product to be successful in market, the most significant factor is the appearance of its package. If the appearance of the package is good, then you can consider half battle won as it can attract lot many customers to buy your product. Labeling plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of packaging. Moreover, labelling also helps the customers in knowing the specifications of the products. When it comes to wholesale products, the bottles and containers are packed in a box or carton and transported to its destination store for selling to the end user. There are automated, fast and accurate labelling machines available which can apply labels on boxes and cartons which are known as box labelling machine and carton labelling machines.

Features to Look for In a Box and Carton Labeling Machine

Box and carton labeling machine is suitable for applying labels on boxes and cartons automatically. This labelling machine helps in saving valuable time. Moreover, it consumes less energy and enables to achieve higher production. The box and carton labelling machine can be used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health, electronics etc., for applying labels and barcodes on boxes and cartons. Below mentioned are some features you need to look for while buying a box labelling machine or a carton labelling machine:-

  • Just check the speed of the box labelling machine and carton labelling machine as it should be as per the production requirement in your industry.
  • The labelling machine should be able to apply labels on all the sides of the box or carton.
  • The labelling machine should be able to detect the correct dispensing of the label on the carton or a box.
  • An accurate conveying belt should be included in the box and carton labelling machine in order to positively move the cartons at the time of entire labelling process.
  • The machine should be enabling easy installation of code printing and verification equipments.
  • The labelling machine you select should be easy and smooth to operate.
  • It should have a good sticker labelling device in order to apply labels on the boxes and cartons properly.
  • In case of change in label size and box size, there should be minimum changes in parts required.
  • The labelling machine you choose should be accepting any size of cartons and boxes, so even if you improvise your product range, you don’t need to change the labelling machine for cartons and boxes.

Carton labelers machine with auto feeding

Besides the above features, you also need to check the technical specifications of the labelling machine you are purchasing. Moreover, just check whether the supplier of labelling machine for cartons and boxes is well known for providing high quality robust machines. As a labelling machine can be a onetime investment for you, it is important that you purchase it with precision and care. After all, the production in your industry depends on the efficient machines you possess in your infrastructure.

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This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.