Breakthrough in the use of technology with the help of Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Introduction-Shrink Sleeve Applicators are a complete range of packaging equipment suitable for low medium and high-speed production environments. They can help to give 360-degree coverage for the packaging of the product. The wrapping is done in such a way that it can provide a canvass for graphics and information on containers of all sizes and shapes. They have gained popularity in modern applications and packaging needs as they are attractive labelling methods combined with tamper-evident sealing. The key applications they provide are-

  • Full Sleeves
  • Full Body over the cap sleeves
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Tamper Evident bands
  • Multi-Packs
Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Tunnel Sleeve Labelers for Bottle Body and Neck Sleeving

Automated Shrink Sleeve Packaging

The multi-purpose Shrink Sleeve Applicators come in variants to fit the unique and customized needs. The Shrink Sleeve Applicator with a steam tunnel and conveyor ensures that the steam tunnel develops the heat required to shrink the sleeves and guarantee a perfect adhesion on the fixed bottle. The Heat Seal shrink banding heat tunnels are designed for mid-volume application of tamper-evident shrink bands and are the perfect solution for hand-fed tamper band bottles. By adding a tamper-evident band, consumers don’t have to open the package to confirm if the contents are safe before a purchase. This safety is predominantly important in the pharmaceutical sector and the food industry. Similarly, the high-quality electric shrink tunnels are ideal for a pre-heating session in the full line of conical and empty containers.

Applications of the Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The fully mechanized and automated equipment can handle the plastic as well as the glass bottles and the speed of operation can range up to almost 300 bottles per minute. Shrink Sleeve applicators can provide a lot of durabilities as their labels are reverse printed and seal the ink well behind a clear film. This makes the graphics kept intact especially during transport because of their tight shrinkage to the container. The electrical and steam-based sieving systems are applicable in many industries like Foods and Beverages, FMCG, Household items, and the Cosmetic Industry.

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Shrink Sleeve Machines with Tunnels

Fundamental of a Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The process of applying a shrink sleeve involves shrinking the film sleeve with steam or heat so that it conforms to the shape of the container instead of getting laid on the surface like an adhesive. It can fit any angle curve or unique shape. Advantages of using a Shrink Sleeve Applicator- It helps in keeping the products more sealed and keeping out the dampness. The secure wrapping prevents dust and dirt too. Besides any inventory that is stocked is used wisely and with consistency helping to know how much material is needed at a given point of time and thereby reducing the storage requirements. The shrink sleeves can be used to package multiple items together to offer it as one product. The additional space saved can help communicate a brand story or add more imagery or post regulatory information on pharmaceutical products.

Innovations in the Applicator

Their sustainability has been well acknowledged and innovations in this field have made it grow manifold over years. The Shrink sleeves can be removed for recycling. Manufacturers of Shrink Sleeve Applicator have been successful in creating thinner sleeves to reduce the amount of plastic biodegradable are well available in the market which promotes environmental friendliness too. The sleeves also provide support to the container, allowing processors to reduce the weight of the container itself.

Breakthrough in the use of technology with the help of Shrink Sleeve Applicators