Cap Sealer Machine

An induction cap sealer machine is used to seal the end-user plastics and other such end-use items, sealing them with the help of heat. The process which is done by induction cap sealer machine is simple and fast, yet provides an excellent protection to both the items and the sealing surfaces. Thus the sealer machine ensures that all the end-uses are kept free of risk of damage and pilfering. The process is not only limited to the sealing the end-uses, but also improves the shelf life of the items and further reduces the risk of loss and hence saving money and valuable time. In this article, we will discuss about induction sealing and cap sealer machines in detail and then go forward to the benefits of using this machine.

The induction cap sealing machines help to preserve the freshness and quality of end-user commodities. The smooth, continuous sealing properties help to avoid the spilling of adhesive material in the packaging. Further, the smooth surface also helps to avoid any possibility of pilfering of merchandise present in the package. This induction cap sealer machine improves the shelf life of the goods, and minimizes any risk of loss or spoilage of the merchandise contained in the packaged containers.

As already mentioned above, the induction cap sealing machine is a simple process and thus, it can be easily implemented in the different sectors of industries. One such sector is the dairy products industry. Though most of the dairy products, like milk, cream, yoghurt, butter and other similar dairy produce, are stored in cool containers which are well-closed and sealed, some of them may spill over water or get spilled on the floor during transportation.

Hence, for maintaining good quality and freshness of the dairy produce, it is essential to use these cap seals for preventing spoiling. These caps can either be manual or automated. For manual sealing, the worker just has to place the container over the cold liquid or cool container, and then push the sealing head towards the cap and close the lid. However, the automated induction cap sealer machines are more advanced and run with advanced software. They use high frequency electricity to create a rotating motion which is then controlled by the appropriate switch or control panel.

It is also possible for the induction cap sealer machine to work on high speed electric power. For this, special gears have to be designed and attached to the electrical supply line. This eliminates the need for manual induction seals. The whole process, operation, maintenance and storage of the high speed sealing machines are all managed by the high speed electric motor itself.

Cap sealers are used for many different applications. Many industries use these in order to secure and protect their products. Dairy product packaging equipment is also one application that makes use of these high-class accessories. Apart from dairy products, these fasteners are used in various other manufacturing and packaging applications such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, cosmetic, pulp and lube, and so on.