Different Types of Label Dispensers

Label dispensers and label applicators are automated machines designed to simplify the procedure of manually removing a label from the backing paper or liner of an envelope. Some are manual bench-top dispensers for manual dispensing of the labels into envelopes, while others incorporate the automatic application of the label onto the product. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the best dispenser or applicator. The following are the types of label dispensers or applicators available in the market:

Die Cut – A die cut machine is an electronic dispenser or applicator, which is fitted with a touch screen that is used to manually place, drop or print labels on envelopes or other products. Die cut machines are powered either by an AC or DC motor and come in variety of designs and features. Small and big format labels can be easily placed and removed from the die-cut parts. There are different ways of inserting the labels into the machines, such as using a push button or a nozzle. Depending on the label design, some machines may also require the use of trays or holders for the labels to be properly affixed to the product.

Thermal Roll Labels – thermal roll label applicators or thermal label dispensers are automatic die cut machinery used to apply flat, full-color, laminate, glossy or matte labels to a wide range of products. The machine dispenses a thin, clear protective coating of a die-cut part, which is adhered to the label material through a heat-tunneled process. The machine has a feed roller that applies the applied label to the desired location on the product. The machine uses either steam or hydraulic pressure to apply the adhesive. These label applicators have many features, such as optional hot stamping, single-action feed, die-cutting tools for embossing, etc.

Labels Express – this is a large format printer that is suitable for industrial, commercial and even office applications. This equipment is perfect for applying labels to CDs, DVDs and other large-format documents, which help reduce labor costs. This label dispenser is available in different models and comes with several features. Some models apply labels rapidly and evenly, while others can handle heavier print jobs.

Automatic Roll Label Dispensers – automatic dispensers are popular among the customers because of their flexibility, fast service and high reliability. The machines can handle almost all types of document size, from simple pieces of letter-size to heavy format CDs, DVDs, tags, envelopes, flyers and many more. These label applicators feature manual control for sizing and printing, and automatic feeder and roller tray loading options. Some advanced automatic dispensers can change the font and colors of labels on CDs, change fonts and colors as per customer specifications, print a document title, price, and stock status simultaneously, and some also come with built-in white label applicator for easy removal of labels. This type of label dispenser is usually compatible with most computer printers.

Portable Dispenser – in this category, you will find some different machine types such as semi-automatic, manual and electric label dispensers. A semi-automatic type dispenses labels without requiring any supervision. It has a number of standard and universal sizes that are commonly used by the customers. Meanwhile, manual dispenser gives the liberty to the operator to decide how many labels should be dispensed at one time.