Different Types of Labeling with Labelling Machines

Introduction-Labelling Machines are used to print and apply labels to products, packages, cases, cartons, and pallet loads to identify the item uniquely. Labels come in different sizes and colours and serve the purpose of being a brand label, a descriptive label, or a grade label.

The types of Labels can help give an understanding of how the labeling machines synchronize to enable a smooth labeler system. The different types can be categorized into-

Primary labels

The Primary label is placed in a prominent position on the top or front of a product. It includes the most important pieces of information about the product. The labeling machinery prints and applies labels onto all types of packaging containers, point of sale, display, and transit packs.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labeling is an essential feature of the product tracking and management system and they provide a thorough scanning of the incoming and outgoing products along with providing the regulatory information. The Automatic Label Applicator’s thermal transfer printer generates labels with clear barcodes as well as variable text, graphics, and logos at superlative print speeds.

Hologram Labels

Hologram Labels are the most commonly used labels for brand authentication and promotion purposes. They are printed on iridescent effect material that can be eye-appealing and can also provide extra protection while being affixed. The Hologram Applicators designed by labeling machinery manufacturers can provide easy packaging so that the products can be easily identified and which is a very flexible device.

Rotary Jar labeling machine
rotary labeling machine for wrap round

Price and address labels

Thevse kinds of labels show the price of a product to which it is affixed and the user-friendly sophisticated micro processing control label dispensing system enables this at a fast pace increasing productivity and turnover. The Sticker Self Adhesive labelling machine is suitable for all surfaces and bottles and vials of any shape and size. Similarly, the address labels can be useful while adding delivery information to items that are being shipped or delivered. Automatic label applicators are useful when higher volumes and Labeling on conveyor lines are needed to affix the addresses quickly.

Security labels

These labels can increase the security of the product when it is applied. This provides a double shield and is a flexible as well as a convenient way to protect any brand labeling. The extensive range of Front and Back, Top Labeling Machines for different types of labeling applications are extremely efficient, durable, and user friendly and the security seal labelling machine can be a two, three, or four side applicator.

Promotional and Campaign Labels- Promotional labels aim to attract consumer attention so that it gets picked off the shelf easily. The automatic round cum both-sided sticker labeling machine can offer a full wrap or a partial wrap as per customer specification and can be tamper-free. They are heavily demanded in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, personal care, and household products. Again the campaign labels are customizable and can organize the campaign’s ad-words into one synchronized labeling system. The sticker labelling for vials and ampoules and the rotary tablet press machine are well suited and a perfect complement for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical manufacturing processes.

Sticker Labeling Machine
Pharma Oral Liquid syrup bottle shrink sleeve labeling machine with hot air tunnel , conveyor line with safety grill.

Product Information Labels

A product label can contain key product information like the name, logo, description, and unit measurement. Modern Manufacturers and exporters of labeling machines have an in-built mechanism to store label length data and reduce changeover time. The rotary labelers and the automatic sticker labelers make it very easy for the product information labels to be affixed on any jar, container, or bottle.

Types of labels that can be affixed using the Hi-Tech Labelling Machinery

The multi-label dispensing unit caters to a plethora of labelling angles for different categories and products. They can affix labels on-

  • Front, back, and bottom
  • Top Side and Corner( Including the front, side, and back)
  • A full or partial wrap around
  • Complete Body Coverup

This full line of labeling makes the labelers very versatile and demanded all across the industries. Innovations in types of labels and labeling machines have changed the way a product is brought out to the market and continuous research and development have benefitted the packaging and labeling industry as a whole.

Bottom Line- Appropriate labeling is a basic requirement for any industry and the advanced labelers have made the consumers more aware by mentioning special facts that they may require to know. They have also made it a lot easier for the manufacturers to achieve a higher production rate with more profitability.