Global Packaging Solutions at Bhagwati Labeling

Packaging machinery is considered to be one of the foremost important equipment to have for any industry, be it pharmaceutical, food, or cosmetics. It includes an entire line of machine responsible for various operations like washing, filling, labeling, cartoning, etc. The packaging machinery market has always shown a continuous increase in these years due to their increasing demand, globally. This increase in demand is largely driven by an increase in consumer goods demand. Bhagwati labeling caters to this continuous augmenting demand by manufacturing and supplying high quality labeling machines that encompass various industries like pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.

Packaging Solutions in Pharmaceutical Industries


Pharmaceutical industries have an immense application for packaging solutions. Bhagwati labeling manufactures various types of labeling machine in its state of the art manufacturing facilities. Some of the labeling machines are bottle sticker labeling machine, ampoule sticker labelling machine, shrink sleeve applicator, induction cap sealing machine, self adhesive label rolls, etc. These machines are used to label vials, ampoules, or any containers with stickers. Labeling is an utmost important procedure in the pharmaceutical industries as it displays some important information about the products that enable them to be bifurcated from other items. Nowadays, labels also comprise bar codes that aid in information storage of the various products.

The bottle labeling machine is of different types as per the application. These machines can differ on the basis of application, like pickle jar labeling machine, self-adhesive sticker labeling machine for the jar, etc. ; or on the basis of their operation- rotary labeling machine, sticker labeler machine with pneumatic, etc.

Packaging Solutions for Miscellaneous Industries

Apart from pharmaceutical industries, that is the biggest end-user of the packaging machines, other industries also require these machines. In cosmetic industries and food industries, packaging machines find a lot of application as they need precise filling operations. Shrink sleeve applicator, in particular, enjoys extensive usage in these industries. The shrink wrap machine is a very compact machine that is preferred for packaging small bottles, vials, jar, and other cosmetics & nutraceuticals packages of different shapes and size. It is a cost effective machine having a user-friendly color touch screen that has a pre-programmed control panel. Another sticker labeling machine that is widely used in these industries is the self-adhesive label rolls.

The label rolls are offered in eight colors and they possess the capability of printing with UV as well as water based inks. For different applications, label rolls are available as per the requirement like- Pharmaceutical Self Adhesive labels Rolls, FMCG Self Adhesive labels Rolls, Liquor Self Adhesive labels Rolls & Beverage Self Adhesive labels Rolls, Apparel Self Adhesive labels Rolls & Textile Self Adhesive labels Rolls, Chemicals Self Adhesive labels Rolls, Lubricants Self Adhesive labels Rolls, Airlines Self Adhesive labels Rolls, etc.

The Bottom Line: Bhagwati Labeling has set a benchmark in the market for providing high quality labeling machines. With the increase in demand for the packaging machines, globally, we provide labeling machines to multiple industries to cater to their demands. The industries include- pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, nutraceuticals, etc.