High Speed Rotary Labeler Machine Benefits

There are several kinds of High Speed Rotary labeler machines available on the market today. Among them are Hot Glue and Self Adhesive labelers. You can also choose from a wide range of rotary labels.

What is the Use of Rotary Labeler Machines?

Rotary labeler machine is a type of automatic application system that sticks labels on containers in mass production. These machines have the capability of applying self-adhesive labels on both round and flat containers. This kind of machine is ideal for high-speed applications of self-adhesive labels to bottles and containers of different shapes and sizes.

A rotary labeling machine is made up of mechanical and electronic components that work together to apply labels on a wide range of products. It features up to four rolling heads, thermal heads, stepping motors, and more. Depending on the model, the number of labelling heads can be customized to suit the product and the application process.

Several features of this machine make it user friendly. One of these is the fact that you do not need to input any data to determine the size of the label. The labels are synchronized with the speed of the machine through the use of a servo motor.

Rotary Labeler Machines

What are the Benefits of Hot Glue labeling Machine?

The hot glue labeling machine is an automated labeling system. It is ideal for the chemical, food, liquor, and other industries.

Labels are applied to containers by using a pre-cut label and a glue application system. Depending on the type of container, the system can apply different labels to the same container.

Glue is applied on the container through a heated glue roller. Besides, the labeling machine can use cold or hot melt glue. Moreover, it can be used for applying wraparound labels.

The machine consists of an aluminum drum that holds the labels and guides them to the bottles. A vacuum system keeps the labels from falling out.

Depending on the type of containers, the rotary labeler can apply different types of labels, including tamper seals, neck rings, and tamper evident labels. It is also able to apply pressure sensitive labels to a wide variety of containers.

The labeler can be designed for high production speeds. Depending on the machine, it can apply many labels per minute.

High Speed Rotary Labeler Machine

Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies Full Line of Rotary Labeling Machines

Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies is a world leader in label application equipment. We provide a complete range of high speed rotary labeling machines and automatic labeling systems, ranging from simple, versatile systems for small companies to sophisticated, high speed, automated systems for larger manufacturing facilities. Our product line also includes shrink sleeve application systems and a variety of print and apply labeling systems.

High Speed Rotary Labelling Machine

Our high speed labeler machine offers the perfect solution for rotary labels. It can apply tens of thousands of labels an hour and can work with a wide variety of rotary machines. This is especially useful for the food and beverage industry. Also, its user-friendly interface that allows users to easily adjust settings and parameters.

Labeling position 12,15,18,24 position, according to the customer’s production requirements
Production speed 0~24000( PCS/H) Can do 1 to 3 labels applicator
Labeling accuracy ±1 to 1.5 mm plus or minus – depend of sizes and shape
Bottle diameter Φ40~100 mm,Bottle High:20~380mm
Adhesive label width 20~180mm
Adhesive label High 20~200mm
Label outer diameter Φ450mm
Label inner diameter Φ76.2mm
Power 380V 50Hz 5000W-7000W
Outline Size(L*W*H) 2850*2600*2000mm(24 position)
Weight 2000KG-5000KG, Depends on different models

The Bottom Line

Rotary high speed labeler machine offers outstanding performance and reliability. Thanks to its high precision, the machine can apply labels to different types of products and packaging per minute. And since it is built to work with rotary labeling systems, this device will work perfectly with round containers and jars. Another advantage of the machine is its automatic speed synchronization and height adjustment. This makes it possible to apply different sizes of adhesive labels to different containers.