How a Manual Labeling Machine Works?

You can use a labeler machine to apply one or two labels to a product. It works by rotating the glass bottle or jar and advancing the label. Then, you can start the hand crank operation again for the second label. This is a great solution for small businesses and home users who want to apply a label to products quickly.

What is the Working of Manual Labeling Machine?

The manual labeling machine works in a step-by-step fashion, with a controller that controls the supply of labels. Once the product is labeled, the machine will advance its carrier tape intermittently, depending on the presence of a product sensor. Each advance will result in a print on the label and in the space between the carrier tape and the product. When the leading edge of a label reaches the sensor, the tape will stop. This cycle repeats as long as a condition is maintained.

A self-protection lamp indicates that the machine is in the “caution” mode. The control also carries an external reset button. When the “caution” status is in place, pressing the reset button will unlock the safety switch and reset the counter with a preselector to zero. The product sensor can then send a signal to restart the conveying of label tape.

After the carrier tape is fed, machine will stop if the labeled tape exceeds the predetermined length of the label. This prevents malfunctions or delays in the labeling process. A control mark is located between two labels on the carrier tape, which is the edge of the adhesive label on the carrier tape.

The manual labeling machine is equipped with a control panel. This allows for easy maintenance. The control panel also displays important information such as the label length. This will help you to determine the correct label length and width. You can also adjust the tape feed path and speed to meet your requirements.

What are the Benefits of Manual Labeling Machine?

The manual labelling machine is reliable, low-cost and easy to use. It is ideal for start-ups and boutique manufacturers. You can get the labels you need in minutes and not spend a fortune on labelling.

It is able to apply many labels per minute. Its ease of operation makes it ideal for both new and veteran users alike. Depending on the speed of labelling, it can several man-hours per hour. This means greater sales capacity.

It is an affordable, high-speed solution. With this you can transform your production line and improve your efficiency and profitability.

The manual labelling machine is a compact and reliable machine that can quickly and accurately label round bottles and other containers. Its patented design and high speed allow it to process many containers per hour. It is also built to last and requires no maintenance or spare parts. This makes it the perfect choice for small boutique manufacturers or start-up companies.

Features of a Manual Labeling Machine

It is equipped with control markings for each label. Once the process is complete, the product is ready for repackaging.

This manual labeling machine has an integrated safety mechanism that rules out improper labelling. Moreover, it recognizes oversized labels and records them. It is also capable of handling intermittent labeling of products. It can also be used for a continuous process. It is a great option for any production line.

The manual labeling machine has a sturdily built, and PLC controller. The machine has a fast-change system that makes replacing label blades fast and easy. It can also accommodate a wide range of container formats.

It is an affordable option for repetitive labelling of a variety of surfaces. It uses a patented mechanism to automatically adjust the label stroke and does not require customer-tooled slots. It is also very easy to operate and has a handle for carrying.

Applications of Manual Labeling Machine

It applies labels without bubbles, wrinkles, or uneven spacing. This ensures uniform application, resulting in fewer quality issues and less rework. Its transparent sensor allows it to print labels on a range of products, including test tubes and pharmaceutical vials.

This labelling machine is a perfect choice for small companies or businesses that bottle their own products. It is simple to operate, requires no electricity and is made from high-quality materials. The machine can label bottles, jars, cylinder objects, test tubes, and more.

This manual labeling machine allows you to apply front and back labels for your products in a professional manner. Moreover, this machine is ten times faster than hand labeling, making it an ideal choice for growing businesses. It is easy to operate and you can be up and running with it within four minutes.

The Bottom Line

Manual Labelling Machine will make your labeling process more efficient and fun. This machine comes with a high-quality print, making it a much better option than applying labels by hand.  It is highly versatile and compatible with various applicator modules. It is ideal for a range of industries. It can apply labels in various configurations, including print and apply, decorative labeling, and RFID. It is ideal for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, consumer goods, and food and beverage.