Importance of Different Types of Labels

Labeling is one of the integral parts of the packaging of the product. Labels cover important information that helps the customer to communicate with the company. There are various other advantages of labeling like it is easier to identify the product, helps in promotion of the product and also provides with the necessary information required. There are different kinds of labels such as paper, PP, PE, inline coating or varnish, emboss effect etc.

Following shows with the importance of different types of labels in industries
  • PP labels i.e.  Polypropylene labels are used when you need clear looking labels. This label rolls are stronger, more rigid and also offers more temperature resistance.
  • These PP labels are used as both industrial as well as commercial labels.
  • Polypropylene provides UV stability, excellent clarity, good moisture barrier and is resistant to resistance to abrasion, & chemicals
  • PE label is polyethylene label that involves multiple extrusions and can be easily recyclable that offers good resistance to water, chemical and is also UV resistant.
  • There are different applications of PE labels that include outdoor labels, electronic labels, labels for detergents & soap, glass bottles etc.
  • Every step of the label making process through the inline coating is under your control, the design that gives more flexibility and control.
  • Labels with embossed effect allow adding pattern effects or decoration, lettering, custom design etc.
  • This type of label rolls is a versatile option for creating an exclusive label
  • The embossed labels are been used in different areas like wine bottles, food packaging, cosmetic and personal care products and many more.
  • It is beneficial to many industries due to its custom pattern with a wide range of colors and textures, variable image printing with short and long label runs
Self Adhesive Label Rolls Importance of labeling in industries
  • In order to grab the attention of the consumers or audience, labeling plays a vital role in the industry
  • It also helps to encourage the potential buyers to purchase with the product
  • Along with this, labeling in the industry helps for information transmission of the product i.e. all the important information about the product as of how to use, recycle, transport, storing conditions and the validity of the product.
  • Manufacturers can also display with their contact information so as the consumer can contact for any queries.

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