Importance of Label Applicators in Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, and Chemical Industries

A quality product Label Applicator makes good, attractive, catchy, and clear labels for your products. This adds immense value to the manufacturing community as they utilize modern technologies to save time and resources.
Label Applicator Machine pastes labels printed on finished products, containers, vials, ampoules, bottles as well as other packaging materials. They are sometimes called labellers. The labels are self-adhesive on the backside that have pre-packaged gum and can be scribbled by the user onto the bottle with no friction.

Manually labelling is a time-consuming job and it is not a professional manner to pack a particular product whenever the production of large quantities is carried out professionally. The usage of the Label Applicator Machine to label the goods reduces time and becomes more efficient.
Importance of Label Applicators in Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, and Chemical Industries

Label Applicator

They are used for the pharmaceutical, consumer durable, FMCG, and several other packaging industries. Completely automatic with advanced labelling features such machines that make your packaging job easy, clean, highly qualified, and good hygiene.
The job is completed with extreme accuracy and within a predefined timeframe. You may also select and choose labels and letters from the collection to tailor the labels for your activities. When selecting a labelling machine for your company, note all of your criteria and study the products provided by the manufacturers of the Label Applicator Machine.
Choose the one which best suits your operational activities. Label applicator is an integral part of a chemical, cosmetic, food, and beverage, farming, electronics, pharmaceutical, etc. The labels provide information about ingredients, same date of manufacture, the expiry date and information such as quantity, feature list, etc.
For oval, cylindrical, triangular, and square containers, most devices have pre-designed self-adhesive marking method. These machines have an auto-reject facility for serial numbers and overprint faults.

The different types of Label Applicator Machine:

Various sorts of label applicators are used for various industrial applications depending on different types, sizes, and forms of containers or vessels.
  • Semi-automatic labelling applicator used during labelling from round vials, bottles, etc. in small-scale industries.
  • Fully automatic labelling applicator is used to label oval, plane, or square-shaped goods on the front or rear side.
  • High-speed light bulb, vial sticker labelling applicator is used to vertically apply labels on ampoules, vials, and other containers at very high speeds.
  • The hologram, safety label applicator machine is used as an application hologram and label applicator. It is fixed to the conveyors of the existing packing line.
  • Ampoule or vial labelling applicator machine-horizontal is used for total or partial wrapping around labelling on small diameter circular containers.
  • Vial labelling system for marking thin, circular items such as vials, ampoules, and test tubes.
Thus, labelling applicators are long-lasting, the low cost of maintenance gives better performance, and saves costs and money which in turn enhances performance. They are simple to operate and to monitor.

Label Applicator Machine Uses

Labeller machines are widely used during dry syrup, honey, oilseeds, lubricating oil, hair oil, shower gel, phenol, fruit juice, and drinking juice.