Increasing Demand For Rotary Labeling Machine In Food Industries

Tired of applying labels to your bottles by hand? Manually labeling your bottles and products may be easier if you are producing small batches. However, if you are looking to scale up your business, then you need an automatic labeling machine to save time and increase productivity.

Right from glass bottles to airtight plastic bottles, the food industry requires the use of innovative packaging machines to keep up with the demand and deliver the products on time. Moreover, all food products are required to contain appropriate labels showing basic details about the food product such as the ingredients list, the price of the product, the expiry date, and other important details. To learn more about the benefits of a rotary labeling machine, read on for a quick guide.

What is a Rotary Labeling Machine?

Industrial packaging machines such as the rotary labeler are specially designed to apply labels to bottles in a continuous rotary base. They are then wiped down for optimal dressing.

The Need for Rotary Labeling Machines in the Food Industry.

Besides legal requirements, a food company also needs to label their products for other important reasons, here are a few reasons to help you understand the need for labeling equipment in the food industry:

  • Stand out from the Crowd:

The food industry is a competitive place where the user has many options to choose from. In this competitive environment, brands need to stand out and differentiate themselves. Packaging, especially labeling, is one of the ways through which brands can do that.

Semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines offer production consistency and accurate precision for companies to label their products and display their brand name on the bottle.

  • Save Time and Money

A label applicator like a rotary labeler or an automatic labeler come with precision engineering that helps food companies save a lot of time and money while packaging.

The sticker applicator also comes with different roll capabilities, product dimensions, label dimensions, speed adjustment. and other features that give the food companies complete control over the process to eliminate errors and save time.

  • Different Product Designs, One Machine

Whether you are a food enterprise or conglomerate, the label applicator machine for bottles is versatile and can help you label different product lines with a single machine. For example, tomato ketchup bottles, fruit juice bottles, milk bottles, and different liquid bottles can be labeled with the use of a single machine.

Rotary label machines can even handle complicated product designs such as a triangular bottle, hexagonal bottle, or other bottles.

  • High Volume Output

If you are looking for rapid expansion, then rotary labeling machines are ideal to meet your production requirements. They are much faster than a linear label applicator. Rotary applicators are high-speed machines that can label as fast as 500 bottles per minute.

  • Customizable Machines

For better user experience, you can customize the configurations of the automatic bottle labeling machine to achieve the desired results.

The Final Word-

Industrial labeling machines are vital for several industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, and even the cosmetic industry. Modern applicators such as automatic bottle labeling machines, rotary labeling machines, and in-line labeling machines, come with multiple programming function that accommodates a variety of applications.

While buying a labeling applicator is an investment, it is a profitable one, as it can withstand rigorous labeling on a large scale to achieve the desired output.