Juice Bottle Label Machine Basics

Juice bottle labeling machines offer the opportunity to label your juicer for easy identification. A juice bottle can have multiple compartments and be labeled with a combination of font styles, bottle shapes, labeling stickers, and attractive die cuts. You can even use your own creative design or logo when designing and printing your custom labeled juice bottle. To make it even more fun you can incorporate advertising into your design to help market your business.

One of the most popular types of juice bottle labeling machines is offered by Bhagwati Labeling. This is a small and simple machine that offers several options for labeling a variety of juice bottle sizes and bottles. A juice bottle can be labeled using the push-fit-here method, which has a pre-determined layout and allows you to choose from pre-programmed label shapes and sizes. With the push-fit-here method, the machine positions the plastic bottle into one of four preset positions. When the needle moves up or down, labels are created. You can also move the bottle and have it repositioned automatically at designated intervals.

Juice bottle labelers typically come with three different labeling styles: foil, spot, and premium label. They also commonly have an automatic cleaning process and include a removable ink tray for easy removal of labels. The majority of these machines allow you to program the number of letter boxes, vertical spaces, vertical lines, and/or labels to be used. Some machines allow you to create and store customized labels according to product specifications and/or company policy. Premium labeling machines often include a premium die cut label or adhesive vinyl lettering.

The third type of juice bottle labeling machine can be used for single serve or multi-serve juices. It utilizes heat technology to apply the heat needed for the design. It uses automatic labeling machines that position the vinyl in three distinct layers – aluminum (the outside), plastic (on the inside), or heat sensitive paper (on the outside only). You must place the machine’s controller within reach of the electric current in order to control the heat.

The fourth category is the sticker printing machine. This is best used for custom printed bottles and can be equipped with a digital LED screen that displays product information, nutritional information, and company logo. A popular applications of the sticker labeler is the custom golf ball labels used for tournament gifts and commemorative items. Its main advantage over the other bottle labelers is that it affords more opportunities for customization.