Application of Labeling Machine in Toiletries

Labeling machines have always been identified as one of the most important packaging machines by the industries. It helps in placing labels on the products to display product information and details. Additionally, it also provides a platform to include attractive and creative label designs in order to lure customers and thus proves quite handy to the industries dealing with toiletries. Basic toiletries include toothbrush, razor, blades, shaving lubricant, shampoo, bar soap, conditioner, etc. Different types of labelling machines are used in the packaging of these products.

Different Types of Labeling Machines

  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator: Shrink sleeve applicators are one of the most efficient equipments used by the industries as personal hygiene labeler. It boasts of having an automatic operation that performs rapid operations requiring low timely assistance from operators. The No bottle: No sleeve feature makes sure that the machine is not in operating condition in the absence of the product. The speed of shrink sleeve applicator varies from 30 to 300 bottles per minute that depends on the cut length of the sleeve. It is also equipped with servo motors to achieve more accuracy in placing labels around the product. Additionally, the sleeve applicators are also provided with eight adjustments to incorporate bottles of variable heights.
shrink sleeve applicator
  • Front & Back Sides and Wrap Around Labeling Machine: The front & back sides and wrap around labeling machine is preferred for placing upto two labels on round and square bottles. These cosmetic labeling machines are used in applying labels around Bottles, Jars, Container, Canisters, Cartons, Boxes, Caps packages etc. Apart from dispensing labels, these machines also possess the ability to print labels and thus proves to be a versatile equipment by allowing for complete automation of the procedure. The presence of servo motor further proves its ability to perform high end operations and thus, as a result, enjoys extensive application in industries. The capacity of the machine ranges from 30 to 150 bottles per minute depending upon their size and shape with a high accuracy of +/- 1.00 mm.
  • Rotary Labeling Machine: The rotary labeling machine has always provided assurance of unmatched speed and quality and thus remains one of the most sought after machines by the industries. Mostly preferred as oil labeler machine, it has the potential to be used for full or partial wrap around labeling operations for containers of different sizes. The machine operation is done by means of servo and stepper motor for achieving high output rate.
  • Its working speed ranges from 100 to 400 bottles per minute that is quite high. With this machine, the labels can be placed on the containers having their outer diameter lying in the range between 20 to 100 mm. The height of the bottle should also lie between 25 to 195 mm. The rotary labelling machine boasts of achieving an accuracy that goes as high as +/- 1.00 mm that makes it one of the most important labeling machines for industries dealing with toiletries.
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