Labeling Machines with Great Operational Efficiency

Labeling Machines with Great Operational Efficiency

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine


The bottle sticker labeling machine is manufactured with accurate precision and sturdiness including a product transmission system, label dispenser unit, wrapping unit, programmable logic control panel, electric panel and other advanced features designed to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the production process. All safety elements of the machine have been considered including covering of all the moving parts.

The conveying system is easily adjustable as per the product requirements. This system is also equipped with strong AC variable drive that delivers the required torque during operation. An innovative motorized system ensures a uniform distance from one product to the other.   The makeup components of this equipment have been sourced from high quality manufacturers to guarantee durability and minimum maintenance.

Ampoules Sticker Labeling Machine


The ampoule sticker labeling machine delivers a labeling accuracy of less than 1mm. It has an incorporated logic control unit used to store and retrieve production data on the machine. Ampoule labeller is equipped with servo motors sourced from renowned manufacturers around the world. The sticker labeling machine for ampoules can deliver up to 300 labels per minute. It is also firm and robust in construction to eliminate any vibration and enhance accuracy during operation.

With this model of the machine, there is no down time occurring when changing between labels of different sizes. There speeds of the conveyor, label dispenser, and the pressing device are well synchronized for efficient operation. The machine is also maintenance free and easy to adjust the dimensions as per the different label sizes in process.

Single Side Sticker Labeling / Labeler Machine


This single side sticker labeling machine is a well designed equipment that meets all the industry standards and the customer expectations. It is designed to handle both round and flat bottles applying both on the front and back side of the bottle.

Single side sticker labeler from Bhagwati Company is virtually maintenance free and durability is guaranteed. The dimensions of the label are easily calibrated into the equipment, eliminating the time loss during label changeover. Protection against voltage fluctuations has also been enhanced to avoid breakdowns and machine failures. It is also suitable for partial as well as full wrap around labeling. The framework system is made of stainless steel metal for protection and hygienic labeling of products.  It has also been equipped with an AC variable frequency drive for speed control. Optional features may also be added such as missing label sensing system, contact coder and special label sensing systems.

Double Side (Front & Back) Labeling Machine


With an output of over 100 labels per minute, this double side front and back labeling machine is efficient and effective equipment that makes a good return on investment. It can place labels on flat, round and square shaped bottles efficiently. In operation, it applies the two labels concurrently and with high precision. Front & back labeller is also equipped with an automated bottle alignment system to avoid unnecessary misses and poor labels placement. It also has a well designed programmable logic control system that makes calibration and operation of the machine very smooth. The container sensing system is comprised of a unique background suppression photoelectric sensor. It also a uses a high powered servo controlled dispensing system that also ensures accuracy is achieved.

Top Labeling Machine


The top labeling machine is carefully designed to meet all the performance requirements and meets the performance requirements. The top labeler Parts are made from high grade raw materials including a sturdy stainless steel frame for strong support of the equipment. It works on various types packaging material therefore ideal for most industries including cosmetic packaging, health care products, retail food, baked goods and even beverages.

The top labeling equipment is easy to set up and run, as well as integrate into other production lines. In summary, the equipment is dependable, consistent and versatile in usage. It also has good energy saving features.