Application of Labellers & Shrink Sleeve Applicator in Thai Industries

The packaging industry is big worldwide; it includes the science & technology of enclosing, protecting and labelling products prior to distribution for the purpose of storage or sale. The self-adhesive labellers machine and shrink sleeve applicator are vital to the packaging industry. In fact, labelling is important for many different types of products. This includes food products, cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical products. The need for packaging was realized a long time ago and the type of packaging being used has evolved over the years.

However, the purpose of packaging and labelling has remained the same. The main purpose is for the sake of physical protection against shock, vibration, etc. It also acts as a barrier to oxygen, water, etc. Proper labelling is a means of communicating the purpose of a package and where it needs to be transported. It is essential to label all food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and other FMCG products to ensure the consumer is aware of the contents prior to making the purchase.

This article goes on to showcase how the several industries like food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical are flourishing in Thailand and also explains their requirement for Sticker Labeling Machine and Shrink Sleeve applicators.

self adhesive sticker one side labeling machineFood, Cosmetic, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical industry in Thailand

Packaging machines like a shrink sleeve applicator and self-adhesive labeller are very important in several industries like the food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. There is a very high demand for these machines in Thailand and several other countries around the world.

  • Appropriate packaging and labelling are important to several industries in Thailand. It is essential for just about any product to be it a food product or pharmaceutical product to have proper labelling.

  • The first thing any customer would see is the packaging and labelling of a product, no matter what it may be; like a cosmetic product, FMGC product etc.; hence quality of the product matters.

  • The shrink-sleeve applicator has several good features that makes it invaluable to several important industries in Thailand. These features include its accuracy, smoothness, high-speed operations and the entire process is very cost-effective.

  • These machines have low maintenance and are very easy to manage.
  • As per the analysis conducted of several countries, like Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, and many other countries there is a steady increase in demand for these machines.

Importance of Labelling Machine

It is important to understand the importance of a labelling machine; the fact that a label is what the customers first look at. An attractive label at a supermarket for a food product will draw the attention of the average customer. The better the quality of the label and creativity of  design to make it stand out; the better the chances a consumer will spot it.

The same applies to products of other industries like the cosmetic industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture. The process of labelling the products will be very time consuming if it is done manually and it may also not appear to be a professional job. Hence, special machines like the self-adhesive labellers and shrink sleeve applicator are very important.

Important Stats and Facts Here are some useful statistics & facts about the Thailand industries:
  • Thailand is one of the leading agricultural suppliers in the world.

  • They export agricultural products to several countries around the world including Europe, Japan, China and the United States.

  • It is the third largest food industry worldwide.
  • Thailand exports food products like rice, canned tuna, sugar, meat, canned pineapple.

  • It accounted for 67% of the world exports for Cassava in 2017 ( highest worldwide).

  • In 2017, Thailand produced 44% of the Canned Tuna worldwide and accounted for 41% of the total canned pineapple (highest worldwide).

  • Thailand was the 2nd highest exporter of rice at 23% world wide; They were also the 2nd highest exporter of Sugar in the world at 16%.

These statistical data above shows the size of the industries in Thailand and why machines like the shrink sleeve applicator and the self-adhesive labeller are important.