Labelling Machines for Different Applications

Labels are a sticker that is sticked on the product to decorate packaging and also for brand identity. A company can give a quality finish to the manufacturing of a product by using labels to decorate & brand that particular item.  The sticker labelling machines are used in order to apply on different types of packaging containers, display, point-of-sale and transit packs. Now that the labelling machine is the preferable choice for every industry, here are some points that will explain why the bottle labelling machines are used on a high demand along with their respective applications.

Applications of labelling machines in different industries

The sticker labelling machine is used to stick labels, stickers, barcodes and other identical cards on various products. The bottle labelling machine is used in different companies such as pharmaceutical companies, as different types of bottles and vials require labelling. The flat bottle applicator present in the labelling machine executes the process of applying the label on the vials & bottles which make identification of the bottle easy for the user. The use of sticker labelling machines can also be seen in the food & beverages industries as well. The labels not only show the brand identity of the product but also  describes the various ingredients & flavours of that product. Another usage of sticker labelling machines can be seen in cold storage to label the product with a barcode, as barcodes are sticked on the product to scan and identify the products of different categories.

Bottle & Vial Sticker Labelling Machine

Different mechanisms of the labelling machine

The principal mechanism of the bottle sticker labelling machine is a label supply device. The label supply device is used to supply label paper to the machine depending on certain technical requirements during the labelling process. Basically, the label applicator includes a standard warehouse and a label pushing device. The role of the standard warehouse device is to store labels at one place so that they don’t get misplaced. Hence the device is also called a standard box. Another working mechanism of the bottle sticker labelling machine is the sleeve applicator for bottles. The sleeve applicators are designed to be fixed or swing according to the structure. This structure is mainly formed from a bottom plate and two side plates. The role of the two side plates is to prevent the sticking labels from falling in the bin and at the same time, another process executed by the round bottle label applicator is to separate the label one by one.

Why are the demands high for labelling machines?

The sticker labelling machine is used on high demand because it makes it easy for the manufacturing companies to label the products easily and without putting a lot of effort and time in labelling. The requirement for the labelling machines is also high because it requires less labour load, which is a beneficial factor for the producers of the industries. The bottle sticker labelling machine is cost-effective for the manufactures because of the less electricity consuming aspect as well as the machine can be operated on a minimum 25,000 MAH battery inverter/generator which is an affordable quality of the bottle labelling machines. Along with all the features, the machine’s operative mechanism is easy & user friendly which allows the user to learn to operate the machine in no time, as this is a beneficial feature for the low-skilled or no-skilled labourers, hence, it is used on high demand in various industries for labelling of round & flat bottle label applicator.

Labelling Machine
Round and Flat bottle Label Applicator

Hence all above are the various features and mechanisms that describe how the sticker labelling machine and its different applications are a useful requirement for different industries.

Labelling Machines for Different Applications