Labelling Machines for various Industries

Introduction- Labelling Machines are used to dispense labels to various products, items, packages, and containers. They form an essential line to manufacturing and marketing processes. The automatic labellers of the present-day provide high resolution, quality, and print labels to boost productivity and increase the production line speed. The different types of labels and labelers can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and serve a lot of needs like barcodes, shipping information, inventory control, and shipping purposes.

Wide catering of labelers Sector Wise

Labelling Machines are used in various sectors like the –

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

The demand for labeling is high in these industries owing to the increase in population and a high volume of packaged goods being moved out for shipment inter globally. Label printers, label applicators, printer-applicators, and high-tech labeling systems are some of the equipment that is used to apply labels to various products and packages. Since these industries use different types and sizes of labels that require to be arranged front and back of the bottle, the in-line automatic labelers, and the rotary labellers are predominantly used. A self-adhesive labeler for example has several applications like oil shampoo, juices, powders, liquor, petroleum jelly, sanitizer, and cosmetics. They are suitable for containers of all shapes and sizes. Similarly, in the pharmaceutical industries bottle, labelers come in a variety like the position bottle labeling machine, wrap-around labeling machine, and other machines depending on the requirement for labeling the bottle of different shapes. High-quality labeling and labeler is an important requirement as it also preserves the quality of the product. Ampoule labelers are also widely used to lessen the stress of labeling vide a manual method.

Carton Labeling Machine Security Seal Labeling Machine
Rotary Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine

The advanced labellers are fully automatic and have reduced the time and effort and can operate with high speed and performance. Other sectors which take advantage of the labeling machines are –

  • Cleaning Products
  • Dyes and Chemicals
  • Health Care and Beverages

Businesses are striving hard to stand out in competition and here labeling for brands can play a big part in improving business services.  The liquid disinfectant machines are very important in cleansing and sanitization and much in demand after the pandemic. There are floor cleaner labelers designed for labeling of all less vicious components. The self-adhesive and sticker labeling machines come in use for the dyes and chemical industry while the latest shrink sleeve applicators make it easy to label products in the health care and beverage category. This machinery follows all the guidelines and compliances according to global standards.

Top Side Labeller Machine
WFI Injection Labeling Machine IV Bottle Labeling Machine

A few other sectors which have fuelled the growth in demand of labelling machinery are to introspected as below-

  • Agriculture and pesticides
  • FMCG
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Printing needs

The Round bottle sticker machines for agricultural products and pesticides can effectively manage the labeling on any surface like plastic, glass, metal, and other round containers/bottles. Also, these machines require no extra expertise and with ease, in the installation, they are adaptable in all scales of the agricultural and pesticide industry. The FMCG is one industry where are continuous innovations and products need to be labeled attractively and clearly to sustain long shelf life. The Vertical self-adhesive labelers, the horizontal ones, and the vial and PFS labeling come in handy for the manufacturers of FMCG products. Also talking about the logistics, traders use the bar code labelers to cater to their distribution needs and allow product information to be read in a fraction of a second. The printing needs are met by labellers with high resolution and long-lasting laminated labels with unmatched quality.

Bottom Line- The advanced technology has enabled the finished labels to be applied to any angle. Labeling machinery is an integral part of the industrial manufacturing process and has been customized and evolved to take care of the minuscule needs of all industries.