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We are Shree Bhagwati labeling technologies, with over forty-five years of expertise across domestic and international markets, we’ve established ourselves as a number one supplier of induction protection solutions for care industries, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, confectionary, and numerous different packaging industries.

What is Induction Protection?

It is a method of tight protection of containers with heat-sealable foil laminate closures. Its individuality of lies in its complete non-contact heating and protection process. The closure is sometimes created of a variety of layers that incorporates pulpboard, wax, foil, and a layer of chemical compound. The layer of a chemical compound is sometimes compatible with the fabric of the instrumentation. The chemical compound is chosen in such a method that the induction sealer will seal the lip of the instrumentation with it in an exceedingly completely tight way.

Induction Sealing and Sealers

During the protection method, an electromagnetic current is evoked into the foil, which ends up in heating. This heat melts the wax layer. The wax is then absorbed by the pulpboard that successively releases the chemical compound foil. As a result, the chemical compound foil melts and seals the lip of the instrumentation hermetically.

What are the Advantages of Induction Sealing?

Safety is a priority. And with induction protection, we tend to make certain the content is safe and secure. Whether or not it’s medication, delicious beverages, or tasty food, we are a unit here to secure it all. Induction protection may be a crucial part of a product.

In the package coming up with, it’s one in all the foremost necessary half. An induction protection machine is employed to secure the bottle’s content from the change of state, leakage, prolonged freshness, longer shelf-life, and thievery proof.

Deters pilferage: you cannot tamper with the seal since it leaves proof of a change of state. So, it will deter theft.

Prevents leakage: since it ends up in a tight seal, there’s no run. This could facilitate businesses to enhance their profits.

Increases shelf life: since the merchandise doesn’t come in contact with air, it will retain its freshness for a long time.

Assures the top user: there’s a notion of assurance during this since customers understand that they’ll get contemporary products albeit it’s lying on the shelves for months. A sealed product is sometimes appeared to be sanitary and safe for consumption.

The value of the merchandise depends upon the top factors. Once it involves prime quality, cost-efficiency, and client service, the letter cap seal makes the most effective induction cap protection machine

What are Induction Liners or Wads?

Induction liners (wad) are cap sealers that prevent leaks, changes of state, and extensions of the period. It conjointly secures unhealthful fluids like automotive fluids and plenty of different liquid content from unseaworthy. it’s conjointly known as heat seal liners.

It is a product of 3 layers- a heat seal, a foil middle, and a backing piece. Users have to be compelled to break through or take away the seal to use the merchandise. The liner attachment method is either done manually or by automatic protection unit. The cap is torsion firmly counting on the dimensions and capability of the instrumentation. The torsion helps secure the cap so ensuring the cap is sealed properly.

Once the protection cools down, the bottle ought to be set to be shipped. Wad protection machine is purchased relying upon their capability to secure the merchandise.

In a growing market wherever the producers are involved to shield their product from illicit gaps guaranteeing the buyer of the merchandise integrity, we’ve succeeded in giving a sensible and economical answer to their necessities, to any or all sectors within the business of packaging: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical, and gas.

Induction Sealing Machine

What to Appear for in an Induction Seal:

Within minutes when beginning the induction protection method, a satisfactory seal is achieved. For complete protection – induction foil, makers powerfully advise waiting twenty-four hours for the optimum consequence.

Heat excess: keep an eye fixed out for any symptoms of burning or melting inside the cap.

Underrated – if the foil protection layer failed to soften and connect with the whole rim of the bottle or jar’s high neck surface.

Proper heating: it is set by whether or not the foil utterly seals round the rim of the merchandise and secondary cap lining materials, furthermore as if the bottleneck and cap don’t seem to be hot.

A tough operator can perceive however hot a bottle lid ought to be before it begins to cool down.

A trained eye might even see isosceles heat patterns in induction foil and foam backing material beneath some induction foils.

How to Succeed in an Ideal Induction Seal?

the instrumentation, cap closure, liner material, and induction seal ought to all be matched to realize a homogenous product seal. We tend to propose that you simply check your cap closure with the induction cap protection machine provider to get the most effective combination.


Most induction-sealed containers are the product of plastic, though glass vessels may additionally be induction sealed. Induction seals are usually used for dry things like low. The instrumentation kind is chosen counting on product quality, marketing, and provision issues.

Cap Closure

To accommodate an induction liner, the cap closure should have a flat interior region. Screw-on caps give for a broader choice of laborious and soft cap liner materials. Once using two-part induction stuff during which a foil separates from a backing material, the cap may have to include options that maintain the backing material once the instrumentation is opened.

Induction Sealing Machines and Equipment Manufacture

An induction protection machine is one of the foremost in style and quickest ways in which protection packages before they’re shipped or placed on shelves available. It’s an extremely in-style packaging machine that’s accustomed seal packages with a metal band.

It is accustomed seal giant and little packages of various shapes and sizes. An induction protection machine has created it simple for tiny to medium business house owners to seal their products. This method is simple to use, portable, and doesn’t need abundant labor. This tin foil protection machine sort of system is thus straightforward that you simply will set it up in minutes with no technical information or experience required for installation or operation. It’s an easy interface and it works quickly.

Induction Cap Sealing Solutions for your Application

  • Induction Cap Sealer for Beverage Bottles, Food Containers & Dairy Products
  • Induction Cap Sealer for Chemical, Lubricant & Petroleum Bottles
  • Induction Cap Sealer for Cosmetic & Personal Care Caps & Containers
  • Induction Cap Sealer for Pharmaceutical Caps, Bottles, Tablets, Pills & Liquids
  • Induction Cap Sealer for Nutraceutical Bottles, Caps, Tablets, Powders & Liquids
  • Induction Cap Sealing Liquid & Powder Products

Container induction cap sealers machines because of their reliabilities, performance and advances innovative features.