Print & Apply Labeling Machinery – Label Applicator

Arca Automation has been the leading innovator in the field of product label printers using ingeniously designed products and consistently aiming at providing world-class quicker and ribbon changeovers coupled with easy operation techniques. The print apply labeling machine which just serves the ideal for high-resolution texts, production batches, and manufacturing dates on boxes, cases, pallets, shrinkable films, and formed cartons and has high contrast in printing and reading the codes. The best part of Arca printers is that it can be integrated with Sato and Zebra printers.


The leading types of Print apply labellers that Arca Automation has evolved can be classified into a few types:

A) Print Apply Easy Liner Entry-Level – Being an automatic easy liner, this system applies the printed labels on still and moving boxes/pallets/bottles. Specifically designed features include:
  • Speed and Liner Maximum width depending on Sato LT-408 Printer installed
  • Solid anodized aluminium alloy plate body protected by a rear metal shell
  • Three Pneumatic solenoid valves
  • Reel housing of Diameter 250mm/9.84/ linear path rollers/Luminous Led and two flow regulators to control the suction and holding force.
B) Print apply Liner Plus– An automated Print and label system which uses any code,image or variable data on still and movable boxes. Salient features of this being:-
  • Housing Reel of larger diameter(360mm/14.17)
  • Paper path rollers numbered for quick loading
  • Expansion Rewinder Module
  • 0 Control Unit involving a 7 inch LED display for central management of all labeling and printing parameters
C) Print apply Linerless Ecologica – This is a state-of-the-art labeller typically installed at the end of the line and as its name suggests it is an ecological labeller. Let’s understand the speciality:-
  • No silicon liner to collect or dispose of
  • Lower purchase cost
  • The greater capacity of reels with reduction of replacement options
  • Reduction of weight and occupied space with reduces the cost.
D) Multi side Pallet Print Apply Liner Plus- Pallets that have limited surface area utilize this printer the best. Let’s have a look here:-
  • With a single stop of the pallet, two labels per pallet
  • Reprinting any labels with eligible codes
  • The print being able to apply three labels- On the side, front and back
  • The 360mm roll providing the productivity of 50 pallets per hour

More thematic products can be discovered on the website. One breakthrough technology that is launched is the Dual Label Print and Apply. This high-speed and versatile printer is just to be awed at! The algorithm control ensures cost-efficacy while allowing dual printing on all sides. Incorrect or poor replacement is just eliminated and on all irregular-shaped fancy bottles. It is just the ideal thing for handling delicate and rigid labelling surfaces. This is a specialized version of the Liner plus machine mentioned above. Another amazing launch is the Inkjet Print and Apply System. This allows a very high-performance print and eliminates all limitations of standard thermal transfer print modules. A thermal transfer print had the drawback of a ribbon being wasted if little was printed. Also, it serves as a poor candidate for recycling. The Inkjet Print and Apply System supports high-quality label printing and a high-density barcode being printed. The systems support both network communications and real-time status information is available to the machine end line.

Printer applicators typically have a higher operating cost than inkjet printing systems. With all the technology break-through and in a world of packaging, what could be better than a comprehensive flexible and the best quality code, lesser down-time, and greater consistency. The Inkjet printer and apply mechanism also offers printing in vivid colours, pictures and much quieter than the other printers. Life just gets more colourful.