Automatic Carton Corner Labeling Machine One or Two Side Carton Labeler Machine

Not only Single, We Take Care of Both Side of Your Labeling Needs

At Shree Bhagwati we are very passionate about what we do. Our SMART labeling machines built with 100% non-proprietary electronic components like servo motors and programmable drives demonstrate unrivaled levels of operational simplicity, reliability and proven cost savings. We know Shree Bhagwati’s are absolutely the BEST labeling machines built in India . We are very excited for you to experience the satisfaction of owning a Shree Bhagwati Labeling System!
Model Carton labeler machine
Driving Mode Servo Motor
Capacity (pcs / min) 50-180
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
Conveyor speed (m / min) ≤40
Labeling position On the carton different corners with adhesive sticker
The application of carton Can customized as client needs
Label size Length: 10-70mm ,Height : 10-70mm

Performance Video

Carton security seal Two side Double head labelling machine , Two corners Pharma Carton labelers