Automatic Top & Bottom Labeler / Labeling Machine

Be Assured of Top Quality for Top & Bottom Side Labelling

This automatic top and bottom labeler is very user friendly and highly efficient. It is a heavy duty machine which is built using the best grade stainless steel for the frame and the whole body. The top and bottom labeling machine can label on the top as well as on the bottom surface of the containers at the same time. This versatile top & bottom labeling machine has a speed that ranges from 30 to 80 pieces in a minute, depending on the size of the label and the product. Moreover, this modern equipment also allows the users to select 6 different speeds for both labeling and the conveyor. It is basically controlled by a latest microprocessor, and also includes an LED display. Further, it even has an optimum sensing system that enables very accurate label setting and highly precise positioning of the labels. This automatic machine also incorporates a customized conveyor based on the size of the product. The online label application, independent operation, and the height and angle adjustments through an easy hand wheel, are the other salient features. It also uses the encoder technology to properly synchronize the conveyor with the dispensing system. This cost effective and long lasting top & bottom labelling machine model is suitable for users with limited budget. The higher end models of this automatic labeling machine even include a sturdy stepper motor and powerful servo head for quick and accurate labeling on a variety of containers with different shapes and sizes. Moreover, this economical equipment is a perfect labeler since it includes a robust label dispensing head, for precise labeling applications. The label roll has inner diameter of 75 mm, and outer diameter of 300 mm. It can be used for labels with length of 10 to 250 mm and width of 10 to 100 mm. Optional conveyors, coders, and stands are also available.
  • Stepper Motor for fast and accurate labeling performane
  • In Line Application or Independent Operation
  • Optium Sensing System offer the most accurate position
  • Auto label set and positioning
  • 6 speed selection of labeling and conveyor
  • Two Copies applicators Height and angle adjust by easy handwheel
  • Controlled by Microprocessor, LED display
  • Encoder Technology Fully Synchronizes Conveyor with Dispensing
  • Customized Conveyor by Product size
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Construction
Motor : Stepper Motor Driven
Labeling Speed: 30~80 pcs / min
Accuray: ± 1mm
Label Length: 10~250 mm
Label Width: 10~100mm
Label Roll: Inner diemeter 75mm Outer diemeter 300mm
Power: Single Phase 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Product Dimesion: (L)1900mm (W)840mm (H)1423mmss

Performance Video

Top and Bottom Labeling machine, Top and Bottom labeler machine