Automatic Tube Sticker Labeler Machine

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This tube labeling machine incorporates the latest technology, a powerful stepper motor, and superior grade parts, in order to ensure the most accurate labeling. It also has a highly responsive and reliable system, and even a standard grade program controller and stepper system. Further, the latest micro processor based control panel enables the users to easily communicate with the equipment. This advanced model also has a precise label controlling system. It is suitable for labeling tubes with diameter ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm. This tube labeling machine can function at a maximum speed of 50 tubes per minute. Moreover an automated feeding and air ejection system may also be used in order to load and unload the tubes. The other characteristics of this equipment includes the no tube, no label system. Besides this a mechanical sensor can even be utilized for applying a transparent film label without the eye–mark. We at Bhagwati offer a guarantee of one full year for all our tube labeling machines; effective from the shipment date, against any problems that may arise due to any manufacturing defect. Further we also offer a lowest price guarantee for all our tube labelers; as compared to the other equipments with similar quality and specifications, available in the market. We thereby help you to avoid the trouble of comparing the price or doing any cost benefit analysis; because we assure that you will always pay the lowest price, whenever you buy any new packaging equipment from our company. We provide a prompt and friendly service to all existing and potential clients. In fact our staff will be extremely pleased to provide replies for all your queries as sincerely, and as soon as possible; whenever you inquire regarding new packaging equipment, or contact us after purchasing our machinery.
Model – Tube Labelling Machine SBHSL-60
Label speed Up to 50 tubes/min
Label accuracy ±1mm
Label Length (Max.) 150mm
Label width (Max.) 90 mm (H)
Tube diameter (Max.) ф65mm
Tube diameter (Min.) ф19mm
Tube length (Max.) 220mm
Label Reel Core Diameter ф76.2mm
Power 220V 50Hz 3000W
Weight 300 kgs


  1. Auto Loader
  2. PLC + HMI Operation
  3. Sensor for any additional feature like low label roll alert, machine stop etc.
  4. Polycarbonate Enclosure in Stainless Steel Profile.
  5. Batch Coding Printing Device

Bhagwati we guarantee all our tube labeller for one full year, beginning on the day of shipment, against any problems that you may experience as a result of faulty workmanship.

We also guarantee the lowest prices of all tube labeller on the market that is of a similar quality and workmanship. This way you can avoid the headaches of having to do price comparisons or cost-benefit analyses, since you can be sure you are getting the lowest price anytime you purchase any of our new packaging equipment.

We offer fast and friendly service to all our customers and potential clients. Whether you are calling to inquire about new packaging machinery or have questions after having bought our equipment, our staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions as fast and as honestly as possible.

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