Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Not only Single, We Take Care of Both Side of Your Labeling Needs

The double side, round bottle sticker labeling machine is a front and back labeler machine which is utilized for labeling round bottles. It is highly suitable for applying sticker labels on both sides of round shaped containers and bottles; that are used for different purposes. This automatic and linear model SBSL-100DF of the sticker labeling equipment includes an exceptionally designed, constantly moving pocket type bottle alignment system. The machine has the capacity to provide an output of up to 100 labels in one minute, based on the product as well as label size. It also incorporates an automated system for product alignment which is synchronized along with the top holding belt system, for assuring optimum stability and straight positioning of the round shaped bottles. This vertical equipment even has an ultra modern label dispensing system and an advanced sensing system for labels as well as products. Actually it is regarded as the most versatile and well designed labeling machine; because it caters to the different requirements of numerous users of this latest packaging machine. The other outstanding features of this sophisticated equipment are higher accuracy and better durability. Further, it is simple to adjust, and requires least tools or changing of parts. The feed worm system and moving pocket system also enables precise alignment of the bottles on the conveyor for perfect label application. Besides this, the machine is even suitable for various types of bottles utilized in cosmetics and many OTC products. It also has a special single point synchronized speed control system. Moreover, the inbuilt label length detecting system avoids manual feeding and storage of the label length data into the memory and retrieving the same when the label size is changed and the machine is restarted. It thus saves time, prevents machine down time, and increases production.
  • No Label Data Input/retrievals require for any Label Size
  • No Change Parts for Product and Label size
  • Single Pot On-line Speed Variation control
  • Synchronized speed of Label Dispensing, Conveyor and Pressing Device
  • Virtually Maintenance free machine
  • Easy to change label application height
  • User Friendly Label Placing Adjustments
  • Self Protected against Voltage Fluctuations
  • Suitable for On-Line Inkjet and Contact Coding System
  • Suitable for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labelling
  • Built In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.
  • Fully Stainless Steel finish Machine
Label Height 8 mm to 70/90/120/150 mm Standard*
Label Length 12 mm Minimum
Label Roll Dia. 300 mm
Core Dia. 75/76 mm
Gap Between two Labels Appx. 3 mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
PLC Programmable Logic Controller Unit – DELTA Make
Touch Screen Delta Make Touch screen
Stepper Motor Sanyo denki stepper motor – Japan make
Servo Motor Panasonic / Delta Make
Microprocessor Microprocessor controller by Bhagwati make
Sensors ( Product / Label ) Leuze – USA or Sick Germany make
AC Drive ( Variable Speed) Delta Make
All Electrical / Electronic cables Labb – Germany make
Pneumatic cylinders SMC / Festo make
Product Size As per customers requirements*
Feed Worm and Pocket System require for change in Product Size
Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)
Power 5.0 Amp.
Capacity 2.0 Kw
Speed Up to 100 Labels per minute depending on Product and Label Size. The speed is also depending on stable movement of product on machine conveyor at higher speed.
Conveyor height 830-875 mm*
Machine Direction of Movement Left to Right from operator side


Machine Main Base Frame Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Structure
Machine Coverings Complete in Stainless Steel 304
Product Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Non Contact Parts Stainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is applicable)
Conveyor Slat Stainless Steel 304 Slat with Nylon Strips on Side
Conveyor Shafts Mild Steel with Hard Chrome or Zinc Plating
Conveyor Sprockets Mild Steel or Nylon
Bearings SKF / Niche / Equivalent
Plating(Wherever Applicable) Zinc / Hard Chrome / Blackening
Wrapping Belt End Less Sponge Coated Wrapping Belt
Wrapping Guide Sponge Coated Wrapping Guide
Bottle Separation / Spacing Unit Aluminum Roller (Silicon Covered)
Guide Rod & Pin Stainless Steel 304
Dispenser Rollers Rubber Molded + Aluminum + Knurling Rollers
Wrapping Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly
Dispenser Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly
  • Label Roll Empty – Machine Stop System with Alarm
  • Missing Label in Roll – Machine Stop System with Alarm
  • Special Label Sensor for sensing Transparent Film Labels which does not have any sensing mark on it.
  • Option of Contact Coder, Hot Foil Coder, HP Cartridge Coder and Inkjet Coder with various speed ranges available.
  • Low Compressed Air – Machine Stop with Alarm system for pneumatically o- operated coding system
  • Turn Table and Packing Conveyor

Performance Video

Wine Vodka Bottle Front and Back Labeling machine for Wine Bottle, Two side labeling machine

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