Horizontal Top Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Be Assured of Top Quality for Top & Bottom Side Labelling

Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine Suitable for ampoule, Penicillin, pen, battery, tubes labeler , Round Ampoules, Vials, Pre-Fill Syringes, Inhalers labeling systems , is one of the most user friendly. The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated Micro Processor Controller and Servo base Label Dispensing system with user friendly Sensing system for Label and Product. The machine is suitable for Labelers on unstable small diameter round objects. It is capable of Labelling up to 150 units per minute depending on product diameter and label size. Machine suitable for Round Ampoules, Vials, Pre-Fill Syringes, Inhalers and other Small Sizes of round objects. Machine with Optional Product feeding hopper for regular shaped round objects for continues feeding. For small round objects cannot stand stably when labeling, such as many company using our ampoule labelers machine, Penicillin labeler machine, pen labeler machine, battery labeling machine, tubes labeling machines equipment from Shree Bhagwati.


Model Top side labeling Machine
Driving Mode Stepper  & Servo motor ( Depend customer requirement )
Output Speed – pcs/min 30-150
Suitable for Products Ampoule, Penicillin, Pen, Battery, Tubes labeler
Conveyor speed≤40 (m/min) Conveyor speed≤40 (m/min)
The application of label objects Can customized depends on label objects
The application of label Height 20-70mm  Length 25-80mm
Power Single phase input required
Application Outer diameter 12-24mm Height 25-95mm
Label Specifications Adhesive sticker ,transparent label
Labels Requirement Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 3 mm gaps between the 2 labels.
Label Roll Outer Diameter Maximum 300 mm
Label Roll Direction Left to Right
Label Core ID 75 mm
Label Dispensing Accuracy +1 mm
Working Height 860 mm (+/-50 mm)
Conveyor Length 6 Feet
Conveyor Movement Direction Left to Right
The power of motor(w) 300W
Printer to use air 5kg/cm ²


Machine Main Base Frame Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Structure
Machine Coverings Complete in Stainless Steel 304
Product Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Non Contact Parts Stainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is applicable)
Conveyor Slat Rubber belt (Stainless Steel – for heavy box)
Conveyor Shafts Mild Steel with Hard Chrome or Zinc Plating
Conveyor Sprockets Mild Steel or Nylon
Bearings SKF / Niche / Equivalent
Plating(Wherever Applicable) Zinc / Hard Chrome / Blackening
Feeder Belt (If required for customer’s product) Timing Sponge Belt
Guide Rod & Pin Stainless Steel 304
Dispenser Rollers Rubber Molded + Aluminum + Knurling Rollers
Dispenser Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly

Performance Video

Top label applicator Machine, Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine