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Print and Apply Label Applicator

The label applicator is an elegant machine which is suitable for automatically applying printed labels on a wide range of products. It is highly user friendly and extremely sturdy. This modern equipment can be used to apply labels of different shapes and sizes on a variety of containers such as ampoules, vials, syringes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cases, cartons, tins, pouches, boxes, compact disks, and many other products.

These print and apply label applicators are readily available with an exclusive single point synchronized speed control system. Moreover, it has an in-built and sophisticated label length detecting system that helps to eliminate the manual input and storage of label length information into the memory, and also retrieving the same data every time for changing the label size and restarting the equipment.

This print and apply label applicator machine includes a multi panel applicator, and a vacuum belt that is driven by a stepper motor; in order to properly arrange the labels before application. It thereby simplifies the label application operation and also enables the machine to function at a higher speed; and thus increase the production. This multi purpose labeling equipment is highly suitable for both front and back application on products with multiple sizes, by simple and quick adjustments. It is basically a variety of top labeling machine which is very flexible and also permits fast changeover. Hence users can operate this machine along with the assembly line or any other packing line for higher efficiency.

These label applicator equipments are actually utilized for bulk labeling on the conveyor lines. This print and apply label applicator machine is totally synchronized with all the operations such as feeding the products, winding the label rolls, and dispensing the labels in order to achieve optimum labeling accuracy. It also allows changing the labeling speed online, through a single point provided on the control panel.

Label Applicator machine can immensely influence your business rate. This cost-effective machine can improve your business efficiency. Print and apply Label applicator machines which are employed in the manufacturing industry. They attach pressure-sensitive labels on a specific area of the bottles, containers, drums or packages.The applicator is loaded with rolls of labels to be applied to the product. The label applicators are present in two types:

  • Applicators that can attach or stick pre-printed labels
  • Those which first print information on the label to be attached and then works further to stick the label on the product at the specific area.
Automatic Barcode Applicator
Print and Apply Label Applicators
Print and Apply Labelling Machine
Ampoules Cassettes
Vials Floppy Disk
Glass Bottles Square Box
Pet Bottles Containers
Tins Syringes
Pouches and many more products
Label Size Width 10~100mm Width 10~140mm
Labeling Speed Up to 100 Product Per Minute Up to 100 Product Per Minute
Labeling Precision + -1.0mm + -1.0mm
Power Supply 110V/220V 50/60HZ 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Roll Inter Ø75mm Ø75mm
Roll Outer < Ø 300mm < Ø 300mm
  • User friendly machine
  • Micro-controller based controller along with programmable feather touch keyboard and LCD Display.
  • On line 5-digit counter display, to know the output (total production).
  • Micro-controller based fiber optic product sensor.
  • Label release & fixing mechanism to release the label.
  • Different types of coding devices are available for over-imprinting as per customer requirement, which prints messages such as Mfg. Lic. No., Batch No. , Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, Price etc.
  • In feed & out feed of products which is to be labeled can be feed by manually or from any product transmission system.
  • Label dispensing unit with vertical and horizontal adjustable mechanism.
  • Proper fixing of label.
  • “No Product No Labeling”.
  • Accuracy + 1 mm.
  • Stepper / Digital Servo technology.
  • Supply: 230 Volt Ac / 50 Hz.

Performance Video

Automatic labeling applicator for wine, liquor, vodka, rum bottle, glass bottle