Rotary Labeling Machine

SB – Rotary labelers

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The machine is used for full/partial wrap around labeling on different size of container. Vial Labeling Machines are designed for labeling small, difficult to handle, round products such as Vials, ampoules and test tubes. Vial labeling machines are suitable for independent operation and can also be connected with line operation. For different size of round bottle with high speed Application of Vial Labeling Machine / Ampoule Labeling Machine/ Bottle Labelling Machine / Self Adhesive Vial-Bottle Labeling Machine /Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine for Food and Beverages bottle, Pharmaceuticals vials, Cosmetics bottle and jar , Personal care products bottle , agro chemical Agriculture bottle, Pesticides bottle , FMCG bottle and Jar rotary labeler machine available with Shree Bhagwati.
Model SB – Rotary labelers
Driving Mode Servo motor and Stepper motor
labeling method Stand in, stand labeling, stand out
Capacity 100-400(bottle/min)
Conveyor speed(m/min) ≤40
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0mm
The size of bottle Outer diameter 20-100mm

Height 25-195mm

The size of label Width 20-100 mm  length 25-160 mm

Self adhesive sticker labeling machine for glass bottles, packaging bottles, pharmaceuticals bottles, hdpe bottle, perfume bottle, tin containers, jerry can, cosmetic bottle, plastic cans, plastic jerry cans, dropper bottle, plastic cosmetics container, oil bottle, vial, pesticide bottle, pet plastic jars, cosmetics containers, pet plastic bottle, Aluminium bottle, shampoo bottle, plastic packaging container, tablet container, metal packaging products, pharma pet bottles, round container, chemical bottle, plastic dropper bottles, pet container, packaging jar, plastic cosmetic bottle, plastic vials, hdpe jars, cream jar, cosmetics cream jar, aluminum cans, dry syrup bottles, jar bottles, wine bottle, wide mouth bottle, storage bottle, paint container, drinking bottles, plastic syrup bottle, plastic oil bottle, pharmaceuticals plastic bottle, packaging can, square bottle, beverage bottle. medicine bottle, Aerosol cans, blow molded containers, eye drop bottle, pill bottle, milk bottle, medicine jar, metal tin, square jar, toilet cleaner bottle, composite can, Nail polish bottle, honey jar, toilet cleaner bottle, pet cosmetic bottle, packaging tin, sauce bottle, homeopathic bottles, liquid blue bottle, beer bottle, polypropylene bottle, cosmetic packaging container, hdpe can, confectionery plastic jars, colored plastic bottle, ldpe bottle, plastic packaging tube, lubricant bottle, cream container, plastic medicine bottle, plastic cream jar, round tin, talcum powder bottle, plasic grease containers, Acylic jar, plastic paint container, chemical plastic bottle, flat bottle, paint cans, candy jar, blow molded bottles, plastic coolant bottles, homeopathic plastic bottles, phenyl bottle, chemical cans, glass oil bottle, double wall jar, Essential oil bottle, mouthwash bottle, sauce container, alcohol bottle, flint glass bottle glucose bottle, cylindrical bottle, lube oil bottle, glass jam jar, printed packaging tube, oil sampling bottles, plastic jar bottle, sterile bottle, plastic pill bottle labeler machines , Sticker labeling Machine used in many industries like Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries, Breweries, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Lube, Edible Oil, Food bottle labelers Etc.

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Performance Video

Rotary Labeling Machine for Glass Vial , high speed vial labeling machines

Rotary Labeling Machine for Glass Vial