Shrink sleeve applicator machine, Shrink Sleeve Machines with Tunnels

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Shrink sleeve applicator machine, Shrink Sleeve Machines with Tunnels

Bhagwati Company has a wide range of shrink sleeve applicators with tunnels available in the market today. The shrink sleeve label applicator has great output capacity ranging from 50 – 600 pieces/minute. It can also handle a sleeve thickness of 30 – 50 microns. The machine is equipped with an innovative tunnel system that allows greater output and higher quality of products. Current equipment has fully adjustable spray orientation nozzles that create an even application of heat and better shrinkage is achieved. Some important innovations include the presence of a highly effective pressure regulation system for both inlet and outlet. The machine also has got low power requirements and higher corresponding efficiency.

The sleeve applicator with tunnel has also become the machine of choice for many industries due to these unique benefits to their packing lines.

  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator for Fruits, Vegetables, Sauces, Ready Meals, Meat, Edible Oils, Condensed milk, milk Powder, Animal Food, Flat Drinks, Water, soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Beer, Milk and Yoghurt Drinks, Mineral Oils, Detergents, Aggressive Liquids, House Hold , Gels, Creams, Pastes, Shampoos bottle etc Products…
  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator -Roll Loading Assembly: The printed/plain sleeve rolls are mounted manually on the Roll Loading Assembly. The rolls should be in tolerance of +/-1mm with respect to lay flat width.
  • Web Feeding Idler Assembly: The roll web passé thru couple of idler assemblies. These idlers enable in balancing the web tension when the sleeve roll is pulled.
  • Former Assembly: This assembly consists of a Former / Bullet constructed from nylon or aluminum. This bullet helps in opening the sleeve. The bullet is a floating device suspended in air held by number of rollers from either side.
  • Cutter Assembly: This is a rotary cutter assembly which gets actuated by a signal given by Print Regn Mark Sensing Unit & Product Sensor. It is driven by a stepper motor of required resolution for fast & accurate cutting.
  • Puller Roller Assembly: Various roller assemblies are provided which pull the sleeve. The rollers are driven by stepper motors. End Puller Assembly enables to pull the cut sleeve and apply it on bottle neck accurately. A ‘No Bottle – No Sleeve’ interlock is given to sense the bottle and activate the End Puller Assembly to apply the cut sleeve.
  • Shrink Tunnel : This is a hot air tunnel fitted with removable Side Plates which are designed as per the size of bottles. The plates will be provided with nozzle type openings so as to direct the air flow on the required part of the bottle. Blowers will be with VFD to control the flow of hot air.
  • Conveyor System: This will be a normal Slat Belt Conveyor – 5.3 mtrs long, duly fitted on angle/tube structured frames. VFD is provided to control the belt speed.
  • Puck Assembly: Customized pucks / holders are provided on the conveyor wherein the chalks are to be loaded manually. After sleeving the chalks are unloaded manually.
  • Sleeve Tamping Assembly: A pneumatic operated Sleeve Tamping (pushing) Assembly is provided to lower the sleeves till bottom once applied on the chalks
  • Chalk Holding Assembly: A specially designed Chalk Holding Mechanism is provided to hold the chalk firmly and in erect position when under the Sleeving Head.. This is required for right application of sleeve over the chalk. This mechanism is operate on the principal of Vacuum Generation.
  • The machine is ergonomically designed for user friendly operation.

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Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine,Shrink Sleeve label Applicator for Bottle, Jar