Single Side Sticker Labelling Machine (Labeler)

Leader in Front Side Sticker Labeling Technology

This single side sticker labeling machine is highly versatile and very user friendly. It is suitable for labeling on one side of bottles and other containers of various shapes and sizes. The equipment has a labeling capacity of up to 150 products in a single minute. Moreover, the speed even depends on the steady motion of the products on the machine’s conveyor at a relatively higher speed. This automated, vertical and linear sticker labeling machine also has an exclusive and specially designed pocket type bottle alignment system. Further, this latest product alignment system is synchronized with the top holding belt system, in order to assure maximum stability and straight positioning of bottles with various dimensions. It even includes the most modern system for dispensing labels; along with an easy to use sensing system for labels and products. This ultra modern machinery actually fulfils the diverse requirements of several users that need the latest range of packaging equipments. Besides, the machine is also highly efficient, very speedy, precise and durable. It also incorporates very simple adjustments, and requires least changing of tools and parts. Another salient feature of this equipment is the feed worm system and moving pocket system, which helps to accurately align the bottles on the conveyor for precisely applying the labels. This multipurpose machine is suitable for virtually all kinds of bottles utilized for cosmetics and many OTC products. Moreover, this model has a synchronized as well as exceptional, single point speed control system. The inherent label length detection system even helps to prevent the manual feeding and storing of the label length details in the memory; and also retrieving the same data when the label size is changed and the equipment is restarted. This automatic system avoids machine down time, and also helps to obtain higher production.

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Single side sticker labeling machine,Wrap-Around Bottle labeling Machine