Stand Alone Label Applicator

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Stand Alone Label Applicator
The stand alone label applicator machine is mainly utilized for labeling a product in bulk quantities on the conveyor lines. It has a powerful sensor in order to detect the product when it moves down from the conveyor, and thereby activate the application of the label at the appropriate time. Moreover, the product should be properly handled and must also be firmly controlled in order to assure that the label is perfectly placed on the product.

This sophisticated label applicator machine is also well synchronized with all the other functions of the machine, such as product feeding, roll winding and label dispensing for enabling precise and optimum labeling. Further, it even provides the facility of online changing the labeling speed, with the help of a single speed point available on the control panel.

This high speed model SB LABEL – 01 of the stand alone label applicator has the capacity to deliver an output of up to 250 products in just one minute. The diameter of the inner roll is 75 mm and the outer roll diameter is 300 mm. It also includes an exceptional single point synchronized speed control system; and an inherent A.C. frequency drive system. Besides this latest label applicator machine even has an automated system for detecting the length of the labels. Thus the user does not have to manual feed and store the data related to the label length in to the memory of the equipment; and also retrieve the same details, whenever the label size is changed and even when the machine is restarted. This elegant system thereby results in saving your time, prevents down time of the machine, and also reduces the cost, and assists in achieving higher production. In fact it is regarded as an ideal machine, since it meets the diverse needs of the current market.

Stand Alone Label Applicator Machine
Stand Alone Label Applicator
Model SB LABEL – 01
Labeling Speed Up to 250 Product Per Minute
Labeling Precision + 1.0mm
Power Supply 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Roll inter Φ75mm
Roll Outer ≤Φ300mm
Speed 60 / 120/250/300 / 400 / 600 BPM
Label Length 8 to 300mm.
Dispenser Moter Stepper/Servo
Stop Tolerance +/-1 to 1.5mm (servo)
(Accuracy on dispenser) 1 to 2.00mm (stepper)
Roll Dia 300mm std. & 500mm (optional)

Shree Bhagwati make Stand Alone Hologram applicator / Label applicator , hologram applicator machine, stand alone machine and excise label applicator use product such as bottles / corrugated box/ cartons/pouches.

Our Specially Designed as per customer requirement for Hologram applicator / Excise Label applicator for Bottle and same fixed on customer’s existing Production line conveyors. The stand alone label applicator unit machine speed up to 60 to 600 Products/min. (depending upon product and label specification).

stand alone labeling systems unit for labeling / labelers where products are firmly hold on conveyor line. The stand alone labeler for hologram / labels pressing and folding device optionally given in separately fitted as per requirements.

The Stand Alone label applicator – hologram / labels can be folded in ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape with special mechanism optionally .

The label applicator – stand Alone unit can be fixed on label roll counter-rewinder for applying VVM label / hologram application on label film roll or pouches rolls.

  • Specially designed stand Alone label Applicator machine for applying Holograms on any type and shape of products.
  • Can be easily accommodated with any existing machine or conveyor for online production.
  • Stand Label applicator machine suitable for Any type of product such as bottles / corrugated box/ cartons/pouches etc can be used.