Two Head (front and back) Label Applicator, Double Sided labeller machine

Not only Single, We Take Care of Both Side of Your Labeling Needs

We at SHREE BHAGWATI , India’s Top latest version quality and High speed front and back , top , wrap round bottle labeler Machine , label applicator , Sleeve labeling machine Manufacturing process of Labeler mahine at a economical model with lowest price with an excellent super after sales and services in all over the country.  Our  manufacturing team is always ready to attend to any urgent specific need of Spares, service and maintenance or after sales services from our esteemed clients.

Two Head (front and back) Label Applicator Suitable for applying Front, Back or Side Labels on Flat/Oval/Square/Round shape containers with output Up to 300 Labels per minute depending on products Shape/Size and label size. Automatic Product Alignment system synchronised with top holding belt system. The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated Micro Processor Control Label Dispensing system with user friendly Sensing system for Label and Product. Machine also available with Optional Wrap-Round System makes it more flexible to use for Applying Single Side Label on Flat Bottles or Applying Wrap Round Label on Round Products.

Our labeller machine suitable for many different kind  for Absinthe , Bourbon / American Whiskey , Brandy / Cognac ,Cachaça , Canadian Whisky , Gin ,Irish , Whiskey,Liqueurs ,Brandy ,Mezcal ,Pisco ,Rum ,Rye Whiskey ,Scotch ,Tequila ,Vermouth / Aperitif Wine ,Vodka , Whiskey,Russian vodka,iquor Brands & Spirits. Absinthe. Apéritif Wine. Baijiu. Bourbon & American Whiskey. Brandy. Cognac. Gin. Liqueur Pet and Glass bottle front and back labeling machine

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Double Side(Front and Back) Liquor/Wine/Vodka/Beer Bottle Labeller

liquor bottle Double (front and back) side sticker labeling machine

180 ml liquor bottle front and back / Single side sticker labeling machine

Automatic Double Side (Front & Back) Sticker Labeling Machine for Oval Bottle Video