Rising Demand of Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

Shrink Sleeve Applicator – Sleeve labellers – Sleeve labelling machine

Sleeve bottle labelling machine is an in-line shrink labeller with heavy duty construction which can be rolled up to any conveyor for shrink sleeving up to 100 / 200 / 300 BPM for Oval bottles. This model is proposed for Oval empty bottles to be sleeved at output up to 60-300bpm.

This GMP designed machine is fully servo driven and PLC controlled. Multipack Shrink Sleeve applicator machine is equipped with Single Roll Loading system allowing continued operation with a brief stop for roll changeover.

The roll of material is pulled on to a floating former (mandrel) by a set of drive rollers and driven by a servo motor. The drive rollers provide an accurate intermittent advance of the label material, controlled by a photo-eye sensor reading each impression. A set of five rotating blades cut the label as it stops momentarily on the former, then drive rollers slides the label further down on to the container. At this point, the label is in specific shape given by the former (mandrel), and aligned precisely to the container for smooth transfer.

The containers being small in size, lightweight, unstable & need of sleeve bottom overlap, pucks are required. The containers are loaded manually in the pucks for sleeve application, After the labels are applied, containers may have to go through a sleeve lowering (brush) device to make certain that the bottom of the labels are flush against the conveyor surface.

Our Sleever is PLC controlled and is equipped with a touch-screen control panel. The size change-over is simple. The cut length can be changed electronically by touching a control panel. For different container, a new set of pucks and former (mandrel) are installed. Different bottle height is accommodated by raising or lowering the machine by motorized hoisting mechanism.

Model SLEEVE LABELER – Multipack Shrink Sleeve applicator
Construction GMP – SS 304
Product Shape Vim Oval Bottles
Output Up to 50-300bpm (depends on container geometry)
Sleeve LFW Min-50mm, Max-130mm
Sleeve Cut Length Min 60mm, Max-200mm
Sleeve Thickness Not less than 40mic
Pri Registration Mark Require min 4mm transparent area between two shrink sleeves
Interlock No Bottle – No sleeve, Guard Open-Machine Off
Contact Parts SS / Nylon / Aluminum
Roll Loading Assembly 1 set (Motorised Roll Unwinding System)
Drive Servo Motor Drive – 2sets (for Sleeve Feeder & Cutter)
Controls Programmable Logics.
Change Parts For one size container
Power Consumption 3Phase, 50 / 60 Hz – Consumption 5KW

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink Sleeve Labels are the full 360° printed labels pasted on bottles. They contain information like brand name, product name, ingredients, etc. Most of the bottles you see around you have this label on them. These are printed on a film sheet and then applied through heat. Because of heat, they shrink in size. These sleeves are used on containers of various products like food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, etc. Bottles and containers, made up of glass and plastic, of various shapes and sizes, have shrink sleeves.

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Machine

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator machine is used to apply shrink sleeve on bottles. These machines are fully mechanized and have automated equipment. With improved designs and technology, these machines work very fast and can operate up to 300 bottle sleeves per minute. Containers and sleeves of various sizes can also be operated without spending too much time over the changing process. These packaging machines need minimum human resources and are very durable. With maximum efficiency, they give optimum production.

shrink sleeve labelling machine

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator and its demand

An increase in globalization has made it possible to transfer products over long distances. For moving products from one place to another, they are packed properly, to avoid any kind of spillage. After packaging, all the details need to be mentioned on products. It contains important information like expiry date, precautions. Shrink Sleeve Labeller is a great machine for the application of the printed film on the containers.

Continuous development of technology had made sure that, shrink sleeve labelling machine comes up with the best and advance features possible. It fulfils the needs of various types of containers that differ in shapes and sizes. These machines are quite cost-effective, low maintenance and are durable over a long time period, which makes them an asset for the company.

With so many competitors in a single field, it has become difficult to make your product stand unique. Before using the product, packaging and labelling attract the customer. It intrigues them and develops their interest in the product. So, it is very important to give the product a nice finish outer look. The Sleeve applicator for bottles serves the purpose very well. You can get your sleeve customized as you like and give it some contrasting colours. Then these machines will make sure that the sleeve is applied without any tearing of the film and gives a neat look.

Urbanization and industrialization had brought a spike in every industry. It means there is a rise in demand of packaged and labelled products with a premium look, which further causes a rise in demand for sleeve labelling machine.  These machines are durable and consist of an integrated automated work flow system.

Rising Demand of Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

Labels used in these machines are non-adhesive and can be removed. Hence, they can be recycled. These labels do not tear easily. Also, they can bear harsh weather conditions and do not dissolve after getting in contact with water. This makes them one of the best methods for packaging and labelling of bottles.

The market for these machines is always on inclination. Once installed properly, they give instant profits. Various models are available for different types of packaging. You can talk to technicians and select the type of machine according to your requirement.