Role Of Induction Cap Sealing Machine, Label Dispenser & Food Labeler In Different Industries

Shree Bhagwati is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality induction cap sealing machines, label dispensers, and food labelers. The advanced manufacturing infrastructure supports the organization in manufacturing highly efficient types of equipment.

These machines are extensively used in various industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, health care, and many more. A brief introduction of some of the important types of equipment are mentioned below.

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The induction cap sealing machine is known for its excellent sealing properties for bottles. This induction cap sealer prohibits any kind of spillage from the bottles due to its excellent capacity to preserve products for a long-term duration.


The induction sealers have been opted in major industries like petrochemicals, agrochemicals, confectionary industry, personal care, health care, and food and beverage sectors. Industries where packaging of fresh and flavoured milk bottles and various ghee and oil filling industries, the induction cap sealing machines have considerable demand.

Label Dispenser

Label dispensers are responsible for clear and proper labeling of products. They play an important role in resulting of high efficient production by saving time and resources. These label dispensing machines are used for labeling finished goods in the industry before the final packing. These dispensers of labels are mostly used for bottles and other similar containers.


The bottle label dispensers are sometimes also known by the name label applicators and can result in a high production rate. The labels dispensed by these machines have pre-applied adhesives on the backside that makes them easy to apply. The manual labeling process was once a tedious task but with the coming in of these label dispenser machines, the process has gradually taken speed and enhanced the quality of labeling.

Industries expecting large production rates like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food & beverages, beauty products, and many more such sectors where round or containers of similar shapes need to be labelled make use of these label dispensers.

Food Labeler

With the increasing food industries, the demand for food labelers is constantly increasing. The food labeling systems are available in different variants depending upon the need of that particular industries. It includes fully automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines that can help in increasing the production rate of the food industries.

Round Cans Labeling Machine

The food labelers manufactured at the facility of Shree Bhagwati Labeling stand out amongst other different labeling machines in the market due to their excellent features. These food labellers have high volume output and can prove efficient to save time and money. Most of the food labeling systems are suitable for different product container designs and can be customized as per the need of the industry.

Food Labeler

Current Demand in Industries

In current times, the demand for machines has increased in industries looking to increase their production rate along with cost-cutting in labour expenses. Industries like the food sector, chemical sector, pharmaceutical sector, beverage industry, personal care products industry, beauty care industry, and many more such divisions have extensively invested in these machines.

Label Dispensing Machines