Rotary Sticker Labelling Machine for Vials & Ampoules

Basically, rotary sticker labelling machine is used for applying labels on round objects like vials & ampoules. When it comes to round objects, it becomes critical to stick labels accurately which can be time consuming and requiring lot of manpower. The automatic rotary sticker labelling machine can apply labels on round objects quickly and easily. The demand of bottled products has increased nowadays. Many products like medicines, syrups, water, soft drinks etc. are packed into the bottles and sold. Moreover, the labels on the bottles give the information about the brand name, specifications etc. It is obvious that one cannot purchase a product without knowing its brand name, ingredients and other specifications. Thus, labelling is very much important for a product before selling it. Especially, if it is a pharmaceutical product, packed in vials and ampoules, it becomes quite essential to know about its expiry date and other ingredients in it, which can be known from its label only. To apply these labels on round bottles, rotary sticker labelling machine is required.

High Speed Rotary Sticker Labelling Machine
Importance of Rotary Labelling machine in a Pharmaceutical Industry

Labeling machines have become indispensible in a pharmaceutical industry today. There are many products manufactured in pharmaceutical industries which get packed in ampoules and vials. Moreover, the ampoules and vials need to be labelled in order to provide information about the specifications of the product to the people buying them. Before, the labels on ampoules and vials were applied manually, but now in this modern technology age, many automatic rotary labelling machines are available which can apply labels to vials, ampoules and other round objects quickly. The job of applying labels can be done easily with the help of only some supervisors, who just need to check that the labels are being applied on the objects accurately without any mistakes. Thus, all you need is to select an appropriate labelling machine and configure according to the labelling job to be done. Usually, in the pharmaceutical industries, the bottles are fed into the machine with proper specifications of the sticker and the position where those stickers are to be applied. Then the bottles are moved with the help of a conveyor belt and when the bottle reaches to a particular position, the bottle is circulated and the sticker label is applied to it. The rotary labelling machine encourages large scale production and so is very essential to have in a pharmaceutical industry.

How to Select the Best Rotary Sticker Labelling Machine?

If your industry demands packaging of products in bottles, ampoules, vials or any round objects, then definitely you need to select the best rotary sticker labelling machine. Before selecting the rotary sticker labelling machine, just go through the features of the machine and choose as per the production demand of your industry. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you buy a rotary sticker labelling machine from a renowned labelling machines manufacturer who can also provide timely after sale services so that the production can continue without any hassles in your industrial unit. For more information visit

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.