Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler

Besides round bottles, pharmaceutical products are often packed in ampoules and vials. Hence, it is essential for these products to have a label on the bottle that contains all the necessary information about the product. For the purpose, you need a rotary sticker labelling machine to apply labels on round bottles. If you are interested in purchasing this labeling machine, keep reading. Here are some of the advantages of this machine.

Rotary Labeler Rotary Labelling Machine Labeling Process

Problems with Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler

If you are looking for the right labeler to complete your bottle labeling job, then you must know what the main problems are and how to solve them. There are several problems associated with manual labeling, but Consung’s team will solve them for you! We can also provide you with a suitable solution to deal with the problem of bubbles. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips to use your labeler effectively:


There are several factors to consider when choosing the right labeler. One important factor to consider is the labeling speed. High labeling speeds can cause the machine to break more frequently than low labeling speeds. Depending on the labeling speed, the rotary sticker labeler can run on its own for continuous production or work in conjunction with a production line. It should be equipped with an air-powered glue pump and a label shortage warning device.

It features a synchronized speed control system, built-in label sensor, and online product ejection. This machine is available with various built-in key features, including an automated label length detection system, which eliminates manual label length data entry. It can also be configured with a hot foil or contact label dispenser and features both types of label dispensing systems.

Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler


There are many different sizes of Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler machines. These machines are designed to be used for labelling round products, such as bottles, and can be found in a variety of industries. A typical application is in the food and beverage industry. Chemical and medicine manufacturing facilities also use these machines. The tabletop Round Bottle Labeler is a great option for smaller production operations. This machine is suitable for bottles with various heights.

The rotary sticker labeling machine consists of three main parts: the turret, the adhesive roll, and the machine itself. A turret is used to insert labels on the bottle. Labeling speeds vary depending on the model, but most rotary bottle labeling machines can process up to 120 bottles per minute. A turret can be manually adjusted, and the rotor is a circular design. This machine has dedicated parts to ensure a perfect fit.

High Speed Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler

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The Rotary Sticker Round Bottle Labeler has a multi-reason separable set that allows it to handle different bottle sizes. The system doesn’t require the user to change any parts of the machine when labeling different sizes of bottles. The machine utilizes the most recent techniques to print labels. The label is easy to read and understand, enabling laborers to work the machine easily. This is an ideal solution for any type of business, whether you sell bottled beverages or produce food.

The labels are useful for a variety of purposes, including identification and specification. They can also be used to communicate operating instructions or directions, or warranty claims. In addition, bottle labels can be used to guide users on how to use a product or service. Cold foil printing can improve the visual effect of the labels, making the printing content even more appealing to the eye. Moreover, the labels can be used on bottles that have dust or grime on them.

Producing speed 5,000~18,000BPH, can be adjusted freely
Conveyor speed 0~30min, can be adjusted freely
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Label max width 200mm
Label max length 280mm
Machine weight 2,500KG
Bottle max thickness 130mm
Bottle min height 120mm
Bottle max height 400mm
Label inner diameter φ76mm
Label outer diameter φ400mm
(LxWxH) Machine size 3300×1400×2140 (mm)
Power 380V 50/60Hz 12,000W
Working temperature 120~160℃
Air supply 8 (kg/cm2)