Security Seal Labeling Machine, Hologram Labeling Machine

Hologram is a reliable security solution which can protect bags, bottles, containers, boxes, cartons etc. from counterfeiting and refilling. Generally, the hologram labels or sleeves are applied on the bottle necks which is an additional seal and protection so that the container cannot be replaced once opened. It can be used for packaging food & beverages, medicines, cosmetics etc. Instead of normal paper labels, hologram labels are highly used nowadays. There are hologram tapes and strips available which can enable security seal on the containers. This security seal prevent the products from contamination as well as spilling or flowing out of the containers. The hologram seals are used for secure and attractive packaging. When it comes to strict standards of manufacturing, hologram security seal labelling machine can be of great help to you as it can keep products safe and secure. Importance of Security Seal Labeling Machine Before, when security seal labeling machines for applying hologram on products were not available, at that time there were higher chances of processed and non processed food to get contaminated. The reason behind that was wrong type of packaging. Now, when there are security seal labelling machines available, applying hologram strips and tapes has become quite easy and quick process. The consumers of today have become very smart and they look for only those products which are sealed and packed properly. Thus, the security seal labelling machine for applying hologram on products become very much important for enhancing the sale of products manufactured in your industry. Security Seal Labeling Machine, Front & Back Labeller Machine How to Choose the Right Security Seal Labeling Machine for Applying Holograms? If you are in search of the right security seal labelling machine for applying holograms, you need to go through the details of the machines available, their features and then decide to buy a machine which can suit to your production requirements. Below mentioned are some characteristics which you need to look for while purchasing a hologram labelling machine:-
  • The labelling machine should be able to detect the length of the labels and also the gap between two labels.
  • Once you feed the length and size of the hologram label, the labelling machine should work without any human interference.
  • The speed of the labelling machine should suit to your industrial production requirements.
  • The labelling machine you choose should be user friendly, robust and incurring low maintenance costs.
No matter what your product is, if you have a right security seal labelling machine for applying holograms to it, you can easily differentiate your product from other competitors’ products. Just make sure that the labelling machine you purchase is cost efficient and sophisticated enough helping you to achieve all your goals related to product packaging. For more details on security seal labeling machine and Hologram Labeling Machine, visit This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.