Growing Demand for Self Adhesive and Shrink Sleeve Labelers in Africa

There is a rapidly growing demand for self-adhesive labeling machines and shrink sleeve labelers across the globe. The applications of these equipments are wide and very diverse, ranging from applications in the pharmaceutical industries, agricultural industries, foods and beverages, petroleum industry, medical devices, carton and boxes labeling, wines, dairy products and many more.  The drinks market segment currently dominates in demand for these machines. In categorization, alcoholic drinks manufacturers have the largest demand for self-adhesive labelers. This market has been supported by a rapidly growing hospitality industry in Africa, which has also been enabled by an increase in the disposable incomes of the population.

Growing Food Manufacturing Industry in Nigeria and Rest of Africa

There has been a rapid development in the food processing industries all over Africa. This has, in turn, created a high demand for the self-adhesive sticker labeling machines and other related food processing equipments.

Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine
Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

The Nigerian food processing sector is dominated by small and medium food processors as well as several multinational companies. For rapid orders fulfillment and achievement of high standards of foods, additional investment now goes into enhancing the efficiency of the manufacturing system.

Market Size

According to various reports, the food market In Africa is currently worth over 1 trillion dollars and still rapidly growing. Many businesses are now waking up to the various opportunities presented by the rapidly growing market. The importation of food processing machinery such as self-adhesive labeling machines, shrink sleeve applicators, shrink sleeve labelers is expected to continue increasing.

Strategies to Meet Growing Demand

Among the best strategies that will favor food processing businesses are the government policy on the importation of equipment. Implementation of policies that make it easier to import food processing machines is a major boost to food manufacturing and will help in meeting the demand for processed foods, and enhanced food security.

Advancement in Shrink Sleeve Labelling Technology

There has been rapid growth labeling machine technology in recent years. Sophisticated machines have been developed with new features and greater automation. The self-adhesive shrink sleeve labeller for example, is a high-speed labeling machine applying the latest shrink technology to deliver high quality work efficiently and effectively. The machine can be adjusted to various workloads depending on the orders available.  With this kind of equipment available in the market, meeting the requirements for food packaging in Africa has become an easy task.

Automation in Self Adhesive Labelers

This equipment is used to apply self-adhesive labels on cartons, bottles and other types of packages. It has been designed for easy application and fits well in line with other packaging machines. It has been manufactured for use in various industries including pharmaceutical packaging, Agrochemicals, food packaging, and many other industries. The machine has an automatic operation and can easily be configured to apply labels on cylindrical, elliptical or even rectangular products. It can also suit specific requirements such as tamper-proof seals and labeling of specially shaped containers.