Self Adhesive Labelling Machine- Round Container

Introduction– The self-adhesive labelers are pressure-sensitive labelers that are a reliable and very easy solution for a packaging line. The self-adhesive labeling machines are an excellent and perfect choice for almost any product and work well on contoured containers. They are widely used in industries where round containers are the optimal choice like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, spirits, chemicals, cosmetics, and automotive. The range of self-adhesive labelers offers rotative solutions with non-stop models that offer a labeling speed of 30 to 500 containers per minute. They are exported in great quantity owing to the numerous benefits they provide.

Working and expertise of the Self Adhesive Labellers for round containers

These specially designed wraps around labeling machines are enclosed systems with servo-driven applicators and come with colour HMI and PLC-based labeling systems. These hi-end technologies also have a bottle separator defined to suit the production speed and capacities.  They are highly user-friendly and can majorly save labour, time, and expense, and be customized as per client requirements.

The machinery has an advanced microprocessor control that works efficiently for label dispensing as well as label sensing. Another interesting feature is that there is no change of parts or formats required for changing one size to another size of the bottle. Its working principle entails an optional turntable for feeding of round containers for an online transfer from the inspection or capping machine to the round labeler and from here to the packing inspection system. This helps in seamless and accurate labeling which is vital for any industry. Also, the bottles reach the labeling station through conveyor belts and are positioned with accurate spacing between the special type of rotary mechanizing roller spacing device that is equipped with a wrap-around operation at the labeling point.

Applications of the Round container Self-adhesive labeler

They are exclusively used for-

  • Paper labels, transparent and BOPP labels
  • Production line where no label retrieval is required for any kind of label size
  • Synchronization speed of the pressing device helps against any voltage fluctuation too
  • Partial, A full wrap around and overlapped labeling system
  • Compact, durability and require little maintenance
  • They are also most suited for an easy-to-change label height and jars, tins, and round bottles of any kind

Technical Specifications

Speed 25 MTR/min
BPM 50 to 350 BPM
Roll Dia Max – 302mm
Max. Label length 210mm
Max. Label height 140mm
Min. Label Size 10mm
Label material Paper/Film/PP Clear – as per customer requirement
MOC SS 304
Machine Dimensions 2480mm x1850mmx 1750mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/AC
Label Head Motor Optional: Stepper/Servo
HMI/MMI Keypad/Touchscreen

Other Salient features include a real-time counter that provides continuous information on labeled round containers and a real-time speed indicator that shows the actual speed of the machine.

Advantages of the Self adhesive round container labeler

  • The No Container- No label sensing device avoids any wastage of labels.
  • The proper gripping of bottles in the wheel provides accuracy in labeling and eliminates the scope for any defect.
  • These types of machinery are very user-friendly and aid in low power consumption.
  • The self-adhesive round labelers incorporate the latest technology and are compatible with any high-quality contact and coder.
  • The automatic label length detector works according to the product size which allows the round self-adhesive labeler to be very flexible.
  • The smart bottle separator eliminates the need for any data input and password making it highly productive. Incorporating the AC variable frequency drive gives its durability which gives its clients the flexibility to use it while labeling in bulk.

Take Away– When it comes to labelers, the self-adhesive labeling equipment for round containers will always remain a perfect choice and fit as they are not only known for their quality but also for the customization and speed they offer. The elegantly and sturdy structured machine makes it suitable for all climatic conditions.