Bhagwati Labeling Machines – The Future of Labeling Technology

Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

The functionality of vial sticker labelling machine is exceptional and from a user point of view,it’s not a mere sticker, it’s your brand. Who knows better than us? The controls are very user friendly, easy and accurate calibration and the machine operation is quite good. The throughput of vial sticker labeling machine is also unmatched guaranteeing production efficiency and very good rate of return.

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine 

Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine delivers unmatched quality and speed –100% solution to your labeling requisites. Bottle Sticker Labeler is designed on a firm and rigid structure that completely eliminates the vibration which could interfere with the sticker placement. The labeling accuracy is guaranteed giving your product the attractive look you desire.

Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

This equipment is a Leader in front side sticker labeling technology. It can handle a wide variety of bottles including rectangular bottles, water bottles, oval, pump and medicine bottles. Single side sticker labeler Operation is smooth, efficient and easy to calibrate.

Double Side Front Back Labeling Machine

Not only single, we take care of both sides of your labeling needs. This is advanced equipment developed with high quality materials, powerful operating parts and very user friendly. Double side labeling equipment can label two sides of any flatcontainers, while ensuring accurate placement and rapid output. The drive mechanism has been designed to hold the containers firmly for front back labeling to be achieved.

Top Labeling Machine

While using Top Labeler Equipment, be assured of top quality for top and bottom side labeling machine. The rapid operation saves time for the production process and guarantees quality application. There is an internal system for machine calibration, which enable usage of various types and designs of labelsdepending on your products range. The Top Labeling Machine design meets all the required equipment standards, including the programmable logic controller that make it very user friendly.

 Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The “Right people @ right place for latest shrink sleeve technology” is our slogan. Our shrink sleeve applicator technology is above the rest in design, innovation and efficiency. It offers high precision and high output thus very good return on investment.The mechanical features, circuitry, stainless steel body and parts make the equipment highly suitable for broad range of products and industries. You will never have to worry about durability, because this is a guarantee.

Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Product quality and hygiene with the best cappers is our first priority. The induction cap sealer equipment is able to achieve high volume of production, sealing products with long shelf life while maintaining the integrity of the seal. All functions of this automatic induction cap sealing machine are automated with modern control systems to give the perfect seal.

Self adhesive labels rolls

The company offers Labeling solutions with the best quality labels rolls that will guarantee smooth operation to create a great product. The labels are suitable for broad range of applications including food and beverages labeling, pharmaceuticals, lubricants and even textile products.

Advantages of Bhagwati Labeling Machines

We are recognized around the globe as labeling innovation is our passion. The labellers development process takes into account the needs of efficiency and effectiveness in every production process, which in turn leads to profit realization. These concepts are reflected in features such as machine durability, power consumption, reduced down times occasioned by the recalibration process, high output and advanced control systems. The success of the end user is at the forefront in the machine development.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies