Things to Look for While Buying Carton Labelling and Inline Labelling Machines

Labelling Requirements for Different Box up Materials

Labelling is a very important process in packaging and it is the label that reflects the brand identity, product nature. It is the primary source through which consumers educate themselves about the product. Labelling process differs for different products depending on the nature of the product. For example, consumable products are labelled with safe and non-toxic material and glass products are labelled with self adhesive labels preferably. Packaging materials on the other hand need to be compatible with the labelling material. For example, plastic cans, bottle, glass contains, and etc has to be labelled with materials that are safe and reliable on the box up material.

Considerations for Labelling over Carton Boxes

For labelling over carton boxes finding appropriate machine is more important. An automatic carton corner labelling machine is the right equipment. This machine is mostly available in semi-automatic working condition and is preferred for labelling food, chemical, pharmaceutical and beverages. The carton box labelling device have to be invested based on the number of labelling operations possible, product handling capacity, speed, maintenance aspects, operation instructions, etc.

Advantages of Inline Labelling

Inline labelling equipments are pressure sensitive and can be applied to stick labels on round and non-round containers of moderate sizes. This machine is carefully designed hence stays one of the versatile labelling equipments. In addition to that inline labelling device is multi-purpose equipment that can perform variety of applications. Searching for used labelling machines from reliable supplier is also an economic option for packaging requisites.


How to find Suitable Labelling Machine for Specific Box up Material?

  • Benchmate labelling machine is compact and affordable labelling equipment suitable for labelling wine bottles and other bottled products sold in moderate boutiques. It is a good choice for labelling requisites of small scale food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because it is a compact tool which has to be handled with man power assistance and can handle relatively limited products than other automatic labelling devices.
  • Tamper Evident labels and labelling options are highly preferred for products that deserve safety and security during transit. The tamper or security label application varies a lot with respect to the packaging material, industry and brand. For example, courier services and pharmaceutical companies require tamper labels with logos, numbering information, barcodes and other instructions to be printed in different colours as well.
  • A CD labelling machine for instance is the best alternative to get the CDs labelled properly. This machine is very useful to label CDs automatically instead of sticking printed labels separately. It is also available in compact design that can be used for personal use also.


Labelling applications differs for wide range of products. Delicate products need to be labelled with the help of security label application and chemical products need different sort of labelling. Before investing on labelling equipment it is necessary to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier who can provide perfect labelling equipment that is compatible with label material and the product.