Track and Trace System Pharmaceutical

Track and trace online container tracking system Compact solution for track and trace palletizes. Case labels may be verified by sensors at the infeed, or the robot may pick the case and present it to a camera for inspection prior to palletizing. Cases with incorrect labels are automatically rejected by the system. Robots can be fitted with sensors and programmed to place the case on the pallet so that the case label is visible on the outside. Pallets may also be labeled with track and trace serialization information.

Multipack Series and Multipack30 Series robotic case packers, and WA Series wrap around case packers. Products are given a unique ID code that is tracked and recorded from the indeed to case loading. Track and trace cameras inspect the case loads prior to sealing, and incorrectly loaded cases are rejected automatically from the production stream.

We offer below systems with different applications and systems.

  • Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Cartoner Infeed
  • Product Code Aggregate Is Recorded by Track & Trace System
  • Camera Inspects Codes on Bottles
  • Overhead Camera Verifies Loaded Case
  • Integraged Track & Trace Case Labeler
  • Track & Trace Inspection for Labeled Case
  • Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Case Packer Infeed