Tube Labelling Machine & Wrap Round Bottle Labelling Machine

A Tube Labeling machine is an industrial packaging tool that applies labels around the circumference of empty tubes. It is typically located upstream from the filler or storage module. Tubes are transferred to the labeller by means of an indexed chain. Once inside, the tubes are positioned according to a predefined mark, and the label is affixed during the rotation. The process of tube labelling reduces packaging costs while eliminating the need for screen printing or other manual procedures. Its versatility allows for the expansion of tube storage as the needs arise.

What are the Features of a Tube Labeling Machine?

Among the many features of a Tube Labeling machine are its safety systems, which include alarms, sensors, and buttons. The labelling station is comprised of a labelling pad for different sizes of tubes. After the tubes enter the labelling machine, they are automatically labelled. A roller system connects the conveyor belt to the motors. The tube feeder ensures that the tubes enter the labelling machine correctly. Moreover, the labelling machine also has multiple safety systems and can handle different-sized tubes.

The tube labelling machine allows users to cut preparation time for large-scale tube labeling projects while ensuring the integrity of samples even in the coldest conditions. Its intuitive control panel allows users to replace ribbons and label rolls without any manual effort. Unlike conventional labelling machines, it eliminates the use of sticky labels in labs.

Tube Labeling Machine

What are Wrap Round Bottle Labelling Machine?

A Wrap Around bottle labelling machine is a highly versatile labeling machine that applies labels to cylindrical containers. This machine is especially useful for packaging bottles of different sizes. It applies labels in various sizes and works independently or as part of a production line. There are several advantages of this machine, including its low cost and durability. Listed below are some of its key features. Read on to learn more.

Wrap Round Bottle Labelling Machine Provide Easy Application

Bottle labelling is an essential part of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and household goods in various formats. Wrap-around labelling machines are easy to operate, maintain, and flexible. And, they also save a company money because of the reduced label order quantities. Wrap-around labeling machines are also more affordable than shrink wrapping, making them a more economical option for manufacturers. In addition, they can produce labels faster than traditional labelling machines, saving them both time and money.

Wrap Round Bottle Labelling Machine

Wrap Round Bottle Labelling Machine are Versatile

The Wrap Around Labeling Machine is available with optional connections that allow for label wrapping. It can label many units per minute and uses modern technology. The label size is dependent on the bottle diameter. The Wrap Around Bottle Labeling Machine can also be used with other machine types. Optional machines include a hot stepping machine, an ink fly printer, and a reasonable label sensor. This makes the machine highly versatile.

In Conclusion

Therefore, if you need a labelling machine for your business that is long-lasting, accurate, highly effective, and constructed of the best materials, purchases a Wrap Round Bottle Labeling Machine or a Tube Labelling Machine and use them to streamline and speed up your packing process.