Bhagwati Packaging Machines – Unique Design and Technology Have Gained Global Popularity

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Shrink sleeve applicator can be easily integrated into the various different production lines without major design changes. Shrink sleeve labeler is able to achieve high precision during operation leading to accurate sleeve placement to achieve the required package shape and appeal. Shrink sleeving machine has smooth and stable bottle transmission as well as able to deliver accurate membrane cuts. Shrink sleeve labeling applicator machine is robust and versatile, made to comply with all the industry standards.

The shrinking machine has been designed with stainless steel 304 materials that are durable and long lasting and also able to resist degradation. The sturdy construction creates a vibration free operation and great performance.

There has been continuous improvement in the mechanical structure of the shrink sleeve applicator machine, circuit design as well as intellectual control systems to improve machine efficiency.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Tunnel

Bhagwati Company has a wide range of shrink sleeve applicators with tunnels available in the market today. The shrink sleeve label applicator has great output capacity ranging from 50 – 600 pieces/minute. It can also handle a sleeve thickness of 30 – 50 microns. The machine is equipped with an innovative tunnel system that allows greater output and higher quality of products. Current equipment has fully adjustable spray orientation nozzles that create an even application of heat and better shrinkage is achieved. Some important innovations include the presence of a highly effective pressure regulation system for both inlet and outlet. The machine also has got low power requirements and higher corresponding efficiency.

The sleeve applicator with tunnel has also become the machine of choice for many industries due to these unique benefits to their packing lines.

High Speed Labeling

The shrink sleeve label applicators are designed for high speed labeling and production. The main industries for use include dairy products, juice, foods, Nutraceutical products, cosmetic products and household items. The rate of application can range from 150 pieces per minute up to 400 pieces per minute. The machine is very stable during operation and therefore achieves accurate placement of the labels. The equipment is equipped with a programmable logic control system for automated operation and enhanced efficiency. All parts and systems are housed in a rigid steel framework that is durable and robust to achieve a quiet and effective operation. Most production industries use this type of equipment as it can be rolled to the end of any conveyor line, adjusted to any height and easily fit and run.

The unique shrink sleeve applicators from Bhagwati Pharma Company allow for usage of up to the 900 mm lay flat width film, thus the equipment can be used to sleeve almost any kind in the current market. The machine has been recognized for low cost and easy to change tooling that allows for better flexibility and efficiency. Some advantages of this machine include;

  • Reliability; there has been continuous research and design improvement such that the equipment has addressed most applicator challenges occurring during operation.
  • Flexibility ; the incorporation of the electro- pneumatic control system allows for adjustments to multiple container sizes without spending much time on the changeover process.
  • Process expandability; the rate of operation can easily be increased as the need arises using the automated controls and also help eliminate redundancy.

Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Automatic induction cap sealing machine is designed for rapid and reliable performance. When performance and system control are crucial to your operation, then this is the equipment for you. It has a touch screen input and controller for high tech sealing operation especially suitable in pharmaceutical applications. The induction cap sealer meets all the required industry requirements and therefore recommended for other industries such as food, beverage, cosmetics, oil packaging and chemical manufacturing industries. This equipment can be used for both low production as well as high production runs making it among the best equipments for industries with a wide range of products for packaging.

The equipment produces the best hermetic oxygen barrier that ultimately extends the shelf life of the product with no possibility of leakages or seal damage.