Varieties of Labels for Cosmetics Products

Cosmetics Industry is a vast industry catering to the daily routine needs of the people across the world. Normally the products coming out of this industry are Beauty Creams, Lotions, Foundation cream, Makeup remover, etc. and there are multiple famous brands working and progressing in this industry. This business is pacing up with loads of consumers entering and adding into the customer base of the companies engaged with this industry. The global cosmetic industry is estimated to grow up to $ 430 billion by 2022 registering a compounded growth of 4.5%.

What are Labels and how does it make a difference?

Any Cosmetic product such as Foundation cream, Nail Varnish, Nail Varnish Remover, etc. that is being sold to the customers are either sold because of the brand name or the ingredients or depending upon the price range. All this information is a part of the label. Therefore the label plays an important role in the brand association. Few products are distributed in bottles, plastic packages, containers, or even in sachets. It totally depends on the demand for that particular product. The labels are therefore given a thought before it is designed. This information is then fed to the labelers and further it is transferred to the final products.

Bottom Labeller Machine for Cosmetics Products

Various types of Labels available for the Cosmetics Industry

There are unique concepts of labels that can modify the look of the products and are very common in the cosmetics Industry. Dry Peel Labels, fold-out labels, Reseal labels, etc. are a few of the common types.

Various Types of Labels Available for the Cosmetics Industry

Prime Labels

These are also known as Primary Labels used on containers. These labels comprise the basic information about the brand in the center and the front space of the label. A Foundation cream bottle that comes with printed information is a clear example of this type of label.

Dry Peel Labels

It is the type of label that can be peeled back and easily removed from the product package. An Adhesive is used to keep the label intact temporarily. These labels can easily be observed at the purchase counter in the form of redeemable coupons. They have an added advantage that being temporary if it is removed the package will still bear the original content written on the package. It can be observed on every nail varnish bottle.

Fold Out Labels

It is used to provide additional content and it can be extra to the original label. The only difference between dry peel labels and fold-out labels is that these labels can be easily stuck out of the container and there will be no underlying content beneath it. It is rolled out on the container like lotion or conditioner etc to add information related to discounts.

Top labeling machines, Double-sided labelling machines, wrap-around product labeling machines, etc. are the few machines that are used in the cosmetics industry.

Double Sided Labelling Machines
Wrap Around Product Labeling Machines

The Bottom Line

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