Wide Range of Labelling Machines & Selection

How to Select a Labelling Machine? Basically, there are two types of labelling machines, semi-automatic labelling machines and automatic labelling machines. The semi-automatic labelling machine is suitable for small scale industries and appropriate for labelling round containers, round bottles and other uneven shaped containers. The automatic labelling machine is much better than semi-automatic labelling machine because of its automatic features. The automatic labelling machine is better for pharmaceutical industries as it avoids human contamination and keeps it free from germs for a long period of time. These labelling machines are further classified into sticker labelling machine, self adhesive labelling machine, wet glue labelling machine etc. All these machines are either equipped with automatic features or semi-automatic features.

Tube Labeling Systems The machines used to stick labels on tube are known as tube labelling machine. Just like other types of labelling machines, tube labeller can apply labels automatically on tubes of different shapes. You can select a tube labelling machine depending on the production requirement. As you know it is just not possible to stick labels when the production of tubes is high. The selection of tube labelling machine depends on the size of the label, type of the label, production speed etc. There are many manufacturers of labelling machines and you can place your requirements based on these factors. They can suggest you a tube labelling machine as per your production requirement.

Box & Carton Labellers Box and carton labeling machine is suitable for applying labels on boxes and cartons automatically. This labelling machine helps in saving valuable time. Moreover, it consumes less energy and enables to achieve higher production. The box and carton labelling machine can be used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health, electronics etc., for applying labels and barcodes on boxes and cartons.

Self Adhesive Labeling Machine & Sticker Labelling Machine Basically, a labelling machine is used to stick labels automatically on products, containers, bottles etc. Manually labelling can be time consuming and unprofessional way of packing a product. A long time ago, when the labelling machines were not invented, the labelling was done manually on bottles, jars, containers etc., which was a lengthy as well as time consuming process. But now, labelling machines have become a blessing for the industries. When it comes to bulk packaging of products, there is no other way of labelling the products except using a labelling machine. So, labelling machine is used in packaging process of many industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, FMCG, food and beverages etc.