Will Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Demand of Labeling Machines in Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Industry ?

Coronavirus pandemic has emerged as the biggest threat to various industries around the world. Because of the rising number of coronavirus cases worldwide, many countries are forced to impose a complete lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus disease. This situation has blocked the growth of many industries and looking at the current trend, the situation is going to be the same for some time. On the other hand there are various industries that are experiencing high demands because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Labeling Machine is an integral part of various industries and it is expected to have a high demand because of various important factors in the current scenario. High tech labeling machines like double side labeling machine and carton labeling machine have important applications in the Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Industry. As per an estimate, the coronavirus outbreak is expected to increase the demand of labeling machines in the Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Industry.

Double side labeling machine is widely used in the Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Industry for labeling the containers on both sides. It is a very important machine for labeling the products wherein it is mandatory to provide the details on the product. Similarly, the carton labeling machine is used for labeling the cartons filled with the products. It helps in managing the supply of the products effectively.

Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine
Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

Coronavirus and Demand of Labeling Machines in the Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Industry

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world and the medical experts have asked people to follow safety tips like social distancing, self isolation, hand washing and wearing a face mask. All these aspects drill down to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Because of the growing awareness of coronavirus disease, the demand for the products that are related to hygiene and cleanliness is expected to increase. Similarly it will also boost the demand for the raw materials and machines such as the security seal labeler used in the manufacturing process.  In terms of applications, fragrance oil and essential oils are widely used in the production of cosmetics, soaps, room fresheners, perfumes, Eau de Toilette, body wash, body spray and many more. If we look carefully, the most common applications of fragrance oil and essential oils are related to daily necessities for health and hygiene.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, it is expected that people will start focusing more on their health and hygiene. This growing health and hygiene awareness is expected to fuel the demand for fragrance oil and essential oils. All these factors will also affect the demand for labeling machines for perfumes, body wash, body spray and Eau de Toilette in the future. Another important aspect that is expected to contribute to the demand of labeling machines for the Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil industry is the cleanliness and hygiene offered by labeling machines in the packaging process.

Coronavirus Disease to Fuel Global Demand for Labeling Machines

When we look at coronavirus cases by country, it gives an idea of its high spread in such a short period. As we all know, the demand for the medicines, hand sanitizers, face masks and essential FMCG products are very high in the majority of the countries. This situation has boosted the demand for automatic sticker labeling machine and bottle sticker labeling machine widely used in various industries. Especially, industries like pharmaceutical and FMCG have a major contribution to the increased global demand for labeling machines and it is expected to be the same in the future as well.

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