Labelling Machines

Labeling Requisites in Packaging Industry

Packaging activities are considered compulsory aspects for three main reasons such as to maintain product safety, brand identification and obeying the trading rules. Technological influence in packaging sector has introduced enormous changes in the wrapping process as a result the inconveniences and drawbacks that were faced in traditional packaging methods were resolved to a great extent. Today it is very easy to find machinery for exclusive core boxing up works starting from wrapping to labeling and transporting, etc. Among the different aspects of packaging, labeling is regarded as a priority secondary packaging task which highlights the product brand, specification, and other details. With the inception of labeling machineries the task of labeling has been transformed into much easier ones.

Time and Investment Factor for Classification Prospects

Labelling or classification of products through packaging is carried over with specific machineries designed for exclusive purpose. Manufacturers focus on the types of products, productivity level and the investment prospects and design labeling equipments accordingly. Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies is one of the pioneers in manufacturing labeling machineries of wide varieties. With the assistance of highly qualified and experienced machine designers and exclusive R & D department we manufacture and supply high performing labeling equipments to more than 40 countries. Labelling machines (called as Etikettiermaschine in German) supplied by Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies are excellent in performance and will remain time saving and profitable investment for packaging prospects.

Technical Specifications

Machinery for Labeling- A Trend Setting and Supportive Technology

Labelling devices offered by Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies are designed suiting the industrial productivity standards and stays compatible for labeling requisites of different industries. Some of the exclusive ranges of labeling equipments supplied by us are

Sticker Labeling Machines

  • Bottle Labeler : Bottle sticker labelling machine stays suitable to stick labels on plastic and glass bottles and different types of small to medium sized spherical containers.
  • Self Adhesive Vial Labeling Machine : Pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly with this Vial Sticker Labelling Machine as labeling delicate vial containers are considered a big challenge in packaging.
  • Ampoule Sticker labeling machine : Ampoule sticker labeling equipment can handle different sizes of spherical products. It is considered one of the user friendly machines. It is one of the very rare machine designs that is embedded with single point synchronized speed control system.

Machinery from Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies for labeling with Adhesive Stickers

Adhesive labels are special labels designed as per customized requirements. Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies offers wide range of sticker labeling machines suitable for extensive industrial applications. Labeling components are available for Food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors and many more. Some of the innovative labeling equipments manufactured by us are,
  • Self Adhesive Vertical Jar/Can/Tin sticker labeling machine
  • Automatic Tube Sticker Labeler Machine
  • Side sticker labeling machine and flat bottle labeling equipment
  • Hologram and shrink sleeve applicator
  • Double side [Front and Back] labeling machine

Excellence in Mechanism of Labeling Machinery from Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies

Automatic labeling devices supplied by us are equipped with micro processor controlled label dispensing system and a sensor to identity the label with respect to the product size and shape. The capacity of labeling work is relatively higher in equipments designed and manufactured by us. Above all, labeling machines are manufactured using advanced technology hence; investors can enjoy the benefit over maintenance and productivity aspects.

Labeling machines are the one, which applies or first print and applies labels to different products, items or packages. Automatic labeling machine is one of the most demanded labellers as it requires no manual work. One need to set the program and get the desired outcome. Labels can be of different designs and colours as per the product needs.

Shree Bhagwati Labelling offers a variety of labeling machines which can satisfy the needs of the manufactures. One can employ for high production unit which demands full automation of the procedure or can simply employ for label dispensing.Labeling machines are now part of various industries which produces a huge quantity of packaged products.Labelling machine consists of label printers, printer applicators, label applicators & labeling systems, that all together work to apply labels to different sized products and items.

Today, Labeling machine has occupied food and beverage, pharmaceutical,  cosmetic, animal care, data collection, agricultural, laboratory,  electronics, communication and construction industry.